5 Interesting Players to Watch at the LCK [League of Legends]

Mata SK Telecom T1 - Support Gaming Top 5 Player to Watch League Esports

The LCK Spring Split has delivered so far, creating exciting games and highlight reels. Players have stepped up to provide action packed battles. It’s a good chance to take a closer look into who’s providing all this excitement from each team. Here are the 5 interesting players to watch at the LCK.

5 Interesting Players to Watch in the LCK

Below are players from the LCK who bring something new to the table of LoL. Although they are not considered as the best player in League of Legends, their unusual gameplay makes them the most interesting to watch. We guarantee you’ll learn a thing or two watching these pro players.

5. Rascal (Kingzone Dragon X – Top)

Rascal Kingzone Dragon X - Top 5 Interesting Player to Watch League Esports

Brought to Kingzone DragonX to replace the superstar Khan in the top lane, Rascal is a conservative player who isn’t placed in the category of elite players. There are other top lane players in Korea more such as Khan himself or Smeb, that have proven in the past and this season they can constantly carry their team. But Rascal is different, he is replacing a superior player on paper, on a team that has been beaten to the ground by over-expectations and not handling the pressure, and even so he has managed to perform greatly this season.

His Urgot is amazing, and we want to see him playing more picks in the next patches. If you want to see a player overcoming himself and proving everyone wrong, then definitely watch Rascal

4. OnFleek (Sandbox Gaming – Jungle)

Kim Jang-gyeom OnFleek Sandbox Gaming Top 5 Interesting Player to Watch League Esports

OnFleek is one of the reasons Sandbox Gaming has won all their matches to date. You will definitely enjoy his aggressive jungling style. With pick like Sejuani and Kha’Zix he has shown a diverse champion pool, adapting to every match as needed. Picking Camille every chance he gets and being undefeated with her in 3 games, it is clear the aggressive style suits him completely.

But if you like surprises, OnFleek is one to watch. His favorite champion is by far Jax, and with an early kit to gank and pressure but the late-game scaling such as the one in Jax. Which makes him a monster and a ticking time bomb, games with Jax are definitely going to be exciting. He already showed him once, and used him to secure a victory against no other than SKT. So if you want to learn how to exert early pressure as a jungler, you should watch how OnFleek plays in Sandbox Gaming.

3. Lava (Hanwha Life Esports – Mid)

Kim Tae-hoon Top 5 Interesting Player to Watch League Hanwha Life Esports

If you feel like League of Legends has gone stale, that you have seen every play in the book, or if you are tired of the same meta, then I advise you to watch Lava play. In a meta full of flex-picks and over-powered champions, there are few surprises in picks and bans. However these surprises are not zero, and the players are the ones that define the meta on the long run, so incentive is a useful tool to stay one step ahead of your opposition.

Here’s when Lava comes in: in matches where every pick is a flex pick (Aatrox, Urgot, Akali, Galio, Lissandra, Sion), this guy is not afraid of picking Le Blanc, and boy does he deliver. His Le Blanc is truly amazing, and completely unpredictable. He will jump and deal the most damage possible to the enemy’s carry, and somehow survive, fooling everyone in the process.

Lava is also capable of playing the most conventional mid champions, more in favor of the team that of solo carrying the game, but creativity is not limited to a specific character, so you can always count Lava will try something original every game, and by the most recent result, we can surely say he succeeds most of the time.

2. Viper (Griffin – ADC)

Viper Park Do-hyeon Griffin Gaming Top 5 Interesting Player to Watch League Esports

As you may have noticed, everyone in this list has a quality that makes them unique and worth watching. Viper is no exception. And even if he is not the only mechanically gifted Korean player, I can assure you he is the best one right now.

Everybody can expect something certain from Korean players. That is to be not only good at the game but to have god-like mechanics. To stand out in this department requires something special, someone unique, and that is exactly what Viper is. This guy has inhuman reflexes and flawless mechanics, so he is by far the best kiter in the league. We assure you that you will see him kiting as Kai’Sa, Varus or Vayne. And be so amazed you will not learn anything, he’s that good.

1. Mata (SK Telecom T1 – Support)

Mata SK Telecom T1 - Support Gaming Top 5 Interesting Player to Watch League Esports

You cannot make a list of players to watch and exclude Mata. He is definitely one of the best supports in Korea, and not only in 2019, but of all time. No matter the team he is in, his capability of consistently making plays. He’s able to put his team ahead which is his most valuable feat.

SKT is not the exception. Since Mata is one of the biggest reasons they have performed so greatly up to date. So if you are looking for big game-changing plays, look no further than this guy.

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