Broxah Opens Up About FNATIC [LoL]

Broxah Opens Up About FNATIC LOL LEC Esports League of Legends
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Broxah seems to be in disbelief of his team results during the current season of LEC. He doesn’t know how his team did so poorly, but he shares with his stream viewers his honest thoughts and hopes for the next matches.

Who is Broxah?

Mads Brock-Pedersen, who goes by his LoL name as Broxah, is a jungler for FNATIC since 2017. He’s a 21 year old player from Denmark whose Twitch channel counts more than 70,000 followers. Recently, his team placed second in the League of Legends World Championship in November 2018. FNATIC, is very traditional on European battlegrounds, being around since 2011. They were the first champions of Riot’s World Championship, during Season 1.

Finalist Team in 2018 vs. Worst Team in 2019

During his stream on Jan 27, Broxah shared with his audience his feelings of sorrow about FNATIC’s performance at the LEC 2019 Spring Season. Broxah commented that there is no way a team that has just played Worlds Finals is doing that bad confronting their regional opponents.

During World’s finals which was held in South Korea, FNATIC played against the Chinese giants Invictus Gaming. Before the disappointing score of 3-0  for Invictus, the traditional European team had only lost two matches. During Group Stage they had a tie result in their match against Invictus  (against who they won the tiebreaker of the group). During the Knockout Stage, they lost one single match against Edward Gaming.

Currently playing the League’s European Championship, they battled against SK Gaming, Origen, Team Vitality and Schalke. Even though none of those are underdogs that have just reached the main scenario, both the public and the players expect to show better results. Somehow, FNATIC ended up placing in 9th, the lowest on the table, they were at the bottom with newcomer team Rogue. Broxah’s own stats seem to be downgrading each week, which seems troublesome for FNATIC.

Hopes For The Future

Broxah got pretty emotional when he mentioned it made no sense for the team to be that far behind, since their mechanics and gameplay cannot be much worse than others. Otherwise they wouldn’t have such a great performance at the World’s. Therefore, all they need is a way to figure out what is wrong, probably some external factor, and “get back in track, get back where we belong”, as he said. “Really, it frustrates me so much, you don’t even understand”, he finishes.

Video of Broxah Talking About FNATIC’s Performance

Mads Brock-Pedersen is putting a stamp on his statement, saying it in full confidence. He has an excellent point, and he finishes the video saying the thought of all of this is making him emotional. He’s a real fighter, and we’re looking forward to seeing how FNATIC will bounce back from their recent performance.

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