RW vs LGD, TOP vs OMG 2019 LPL Spring Matches Recap

RW vs LGD, TOP vs OMG 2019 LPL Spring Matches Recap Esports

Rogue Warriors wins its first series at the 2019 LPL spring split. TOPSports scores a key victory over OMG to move into a playoff spot

Rogue Warriors

Rogue Warriors finally scored a win. After an offseason that saw the third place from summer lose some key players, the team lost three consecutive series to start the split before taking down LGD Gaming. Speaking of LGD, the team made some heavy investments in the form of longtime Team WE jungler Xiang “Condi” Ren-Jie and Afreeca Freecs AD carry AD carry Ha “Kramer” Jong-hun but has yet to win a series this split.

The second series of the day saw TOPSports continue its strong showing with a sweep of OMG. Following a loss to Invictus Gaming in the season opener, TOP have scored two consecutive wins to move back into playoff contention.


Game 1

Things got off to a slow start with the first kill coming at the 12 minute mark. LGD shifted its focus towards the top side of the map trying to take the first turret. Guo “Lies” Hao-Tian (Akali) and Condi (Sejuani) secured the Rift Herald and immediately released it to take down the outer turret. But RW responded with two Teleports by mid laner Huang “KongMing” Yi-Jun (Lissandra) and AD carry Mei “ZWuJi” Hong-Hui (Kai’sa), flanking the RW pair. Liu “ZhaoYun” Shuang-Yin (Kled) secured the kill on Lies and Liu “Killua” Dan-Yang (Rakan) roamed all the way from the bottom side to help his team grab the second kill on Condi. With four players sitting around, Rogue also got the bonus gold for the first turret.

Lies’ split push helped LGD take the lead in turrets. The team failed to find a pickoff in order to set up  a Baron call and in the end RW started the objective. Without any wards around the pit, LGD was forced into face-checking. Support Liang “RD” Teng-Li (Tahm Kench) was the first one to go down, but mid laner Hu “Yuuki” Hao-Ming (Irelia) found his way onto Rogue’s backline and Kramer (Ezreal) positioned himself outside of RW’s reach . LGD scored an ace and reset the map.

At the 34 minute mark, Rogue once again managed to sneak its way inside the pit. This time around, however, powered by two Infernal drakes and two Mountain drakes, the team melted down the objective. LGD arrived too late to contest and the fight that followed turned into an absolute disaster. ZhaoYun secured a triple kill as Rogue scored an ace. With the Baron and four elemental buffs, RW needed just over 30 seconds to make it from the pit to Rogue’s Nexus.

Game 2

LGD subbed off Lies for Wei “Aris” Hao-Jin. The top laner, making his LPL debut, went with a Fiora pick. RW tried to take advantage of Aris’ lack of experience with an early gank, but Condi read the play and showed up for the counter-gank. LGD’s jungler walked away with a double kill, creating the room Aris needed to take over the lane.

As RW had to move two or three players in order to deal with Aris’ split push, LGD used the advantage on the other side of the map. Yuuki’s (Zoe) long range poke did a number on RW’s defense as LGD set up the siege around the base. Without much resistance, LGD destroyed one structure after another and finally took down the Nexus to force the third and decisive game.

Game 3

LGD kept Aris for the third game, repeating the comfort Fiora pick for the LPL rookie. Yuuki (Irelia) KongMing won a 1-on-2 trade against Condi (Kha’zix) and KongMing (Le Blanc), taking down RW’s mid laner for the first blood.

This time around, RW shifted its focus towards the top side in order to stop Aris. The plan worked, as LGD’s top laner never really got into the game. Rogue secured the Rift Herald and released it to take down LGD’s mid lane turret for the additional gold.

Aris continued to be the focus as RW picked off the split-pushing top laner, setting up a Baron call. LGD made it in time to contest the execution, walking away with two kills. The team used the advantage and tried to secure the Baron. RW already had its five players back however, and the attempt turned into an absolute disaster for LGD. ZWuji (Kai’sa) sniped Kramer (Viktor) while XiaoYao (Kha’zix) sneaked into the pit to steal the buff. Rogue cleaned out the fight with four kills and snowballed from there.

The powerplay saw Rogue take a 5,000 gold lead, opening a mid lane inhibitor while leaving LGD’s base down to two inhibitor turrets. The team still chose to play it safe and waited for a second Baron spawn. After 31 minutes of play, RW made its way to the Nexus and closed out the series to take its first win of the 2019 season.


Game 1

TOP spotted Li “Chelly” Yu-Zhou (Kai’sa) sitting inside a bush and Zhuo “Knight” Ding (Zoe) hit a well-aimed Bubble. Up against three players and into some heavy crowd control, the OMG AD carry had nowhere to go as Lee “LokeN” Dong-wook (Lucian) secured the kill less than a minute into the game.

With OMG’s bottom lane already behind, TOP would soon take down the turret along with the additional gold from the turret plating. The team already held a 5,000 gold lead at the 15 minute mark. Knight hit another long range Bubble and bursted down OMG’s jungler Zhou “l3est16” Zhi-Li (Xin Zhao) to set up a Baron call for TOPSports 21 minutes in. While OMG made it in time to contest, TOP secured the objective and also cleaned out the fight soon after that as Knight once again continued to burst down his targets.

OMG managed to take down Knight as the team tried to defend its base. In the end, TOP played it safe and retreated to secure a second Infernal drake. There was nothing OMG could do to contain the second push. TOPSports brushed off the engage from support Liu “Five” Shi-Yu (Rakan) and focused the Nexus instead, opening the series score in 26 minutes.

Game 2

As Knight and Xie “icon” Tian-Yu  (Akali) went for a one-on-one trade, the TOPSports mid laner forced his opponent into Xiong “Xx” Yu-Long’s (Gragas) way. The pairing bursted icon down for the first blood. 13est16 (Olaf) showed up too late for the counter-gank and Knight secured the double kill with a perfect shot. Around the same time, Bai “369” Jia-Hao (Renekton) got a solo kill onto Hu “Ale” Jia-Le (Fiora), meaning that in the space of a few seconds TOP had two winning lanes.

Knight and 369 were soon free to rotate around the map as TOP continued to grow its lead. The team already held a 10,000 gold lead and had already destroyed two of OMG’s inhibitors less than 20 minutes in. TOP wasted no time and went for the Baron as soon as it spawned. OMG still tried to fight desperately as everything around the team fell to the ground, but there was simply nothing the team could do. TOPSports completed the first perfect game of the 2019 LPL spring split in 22 minutes.

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