What to Expect At The LCS Summer Split [League of Legends]

What to Expect from Summer Split League of Legends Esports
Source: LoL Esports

With the LCS Summer Split approaching, a lot has happened with the meta changes. Let’s have a look at them and what to expect at the LCS Summer split.

New Champions, New Trouble

A few weeks ago, Yummi was released for the main servers, a new Support champion designed to be almost a guide dog for ADCs with poor early game, making the laning phase longer so they have more chance to get their core items. This new champion did not upset the balance of power too much, as Yummi is pretty weak on its own and extremely vulnerable to Hard Engage, so the meta has stayed the same these few weeks.

However, with the introduction of Riot’s newest reworked champion, Mordekaiser, things can get out of hand quicker than they had foreseen. Being a champion who is not limited by mana as a resource means the new Mordekaiser will probably have a strong laning phase, and with the addition of Crowd Control to its kit (which already packed a big punch), it becomes an even scarier force.

Yummi Meta Change
Source: LoL YT


Not only that, but his new Ultimate effectively isolates any champion from his team for 7 seconds, an eternity during a team fight. This can be used to take out a priority target without its team to support it, for example, an immobile ADC, for the subsequent fight to be won more easily. But it can also be used to separate a champion from an objective, so their team has to conceit the objective or outright loses it, and in this cases, it will probably happen more with junglers just before any Dragon or Baron attempt.

Unless Mordekaiser is perma-banned, we will probably see a shift into more mobile champions, even if right now Tank junglers are in a great spot, and enchanting supports are also dominating. Strong picks we have seen work recently, like Irelia and Pyke, will probably still see play and continue to determine the meta. As for the others, we will have to see how the next patches affect them.

Balance Changes

A few nerf are coming, and it can alter the top of the food chain, talking about picks and bans for pro teams. First of all, Akali is getting gutted, reducing significantly the scaling of her passive. It is true the champion is pretty oppressive, and although she can no longer kill you under turret with her W, her kit is incredibly punishing and can definitely get kills if you misposition, but many experts such as the well known Professor Akali and several analysts have said it will be very difficult for her to see play again.

Another nerf comes the way of Jayce, reducing the base damage and scaling of his Q in gun form, Shock Blast. This is just to counteract him being such a safe pick, especially in the top lane, making his harrass much less effective. This change is not intended to be as drastic as Akali’s, but it will definitely affect how much Jayce we will see competitively.

Finally to the Jungle, Gragas is getting a minor buff and Karthus a minor nerf. Even if Gragas is not the most played champion in this role, it is definitely a consistent and reliable champion most of junglers have gotten the time to learn, so it is highly possible we will see more of the fat man in the future. In Karthus case, the nerf is very small, and I don’t think it will affect his play rate, but instead his snowball potential, something actually good for the game.

What Teams will Benefit from this?

Talking about the Jungle changes, Xmithie from Team Liquid comes to the top of my mind as one of the most benefited from them. His Gragas has always been reliable, so the team will probably rely more on strategies around this champions in the Summer Split, and excluding the MSI final, Xmithie has performed marvelously, so I have almost no doubt he will do it again.

The Top lane is a little bit harder to predict, as some carry champions are getting nerfed but the meta does not yet favor tank champions in top, so my guess is that other carries will take their place, such as Aatrox and Irelia, or even Juggernauts like Darius or Mordekaiser, although it’s unlikely. Maybe Khan from SKT will suffer a few weeks to find the right champion, but other than that I think the power level up there remains the same. We will have to wait to see how everything unfolds at the LCS Summer Split.

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