Legend of Zelda Link to the Past Banner,MGS Peace Walker Box Set, Signed Samus Aran Metroid Poster

Well after listing all those wonderful soundtracks in my last post, how can I top that? Well, it all depends on your taste but I found some more rarities that cater to three group of collectors who love to spend the big bucks on particular items such as these.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Banner Super Nintendo

Here is a rare Legend of Zelda Link to the Past Banner. When was the last time you’ve seen something like this? Or even any type of Link to the Past merchandise? I don’t know about you, but I am sure that many LOZ collectors will take a shot at this beaut.

Seller says:

A long time ago I used to work at a small video game retailer. This is one of the rarities I came across. This huge double sided wall scroll measures 4 ft in width about 2 ft tall. It has wooden dowels to keep the banner stretched out. This thing is almost 20 years old. Looks great!!! I’ve haven’t seen another one of these before. One of the cooler promo items. If you like rare video game stuff check out my other auctions!

If you’re interested in checking this auction out, click here for A Link to the Past Banner

Other Video Game Auctions:
Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Promo Box Set Limited – Here is a great Metal Gear Solid Auction that were given out for promotional purposes. They are the boxes featured in the game and this is the set of 4. Really cool collectible which will certainly gain value throughout the years. These boxes were also not available for sale despite what anyone says. Thanks **Metal Gear JD!

Atari Pong Clock Designed by Sander Mulder – Here’s an interesting item. “Basically ATARI demanded we shut down our website immediately, and halt all production. The reason for that; they stated they own the Pong name and game characteristics, on which we were infringing in their eyes. Needless to say we were unaware of such possible infringements when we started this endeavour. On advice of our lawyer, we seconded those claims, and kept our website live. However, in the meantime we halted all production and other investments, and cancelled our display-order from china, to prevent getting stuck with huge financial damage [these things are very expensive] and stocks that need to be destroyed, if these claims got confirmed. For us the Pong Clock started out as a fun project within our office,that got so much attention, that we then decided to produce and sell it to share the fun with you, not get bankrupted by. After a lot of back and forth Buro Vormkrijgers and Atari were able to reach an agreement. Atari said they liked the clock and realized that it was really more a homage than a deliberate attempt at infringement. So Atari licensed Buro Vormkrijgers to produce a limited run of 400 Pong Clocks.” – hence the atari sticker on the back of each unit.” This one is #84 out of 400.

Signed Samus Aran Nintendo Super Metroid Poster – VGA has featured these Samus Signed posters before, but this one is in great condition, and still rare to acquire! Seller says:”This is a Limited Edition Nintendo Super Metroid poster from 1994. It is only one of 2000 signed by Samus Aran and individually numbered with the #390 of 2000. At the bottom right hand side, it reads “Samus Aran 390/2000” written in black marker. The poster also glows in the dark, which I attempted to capture in the pictures above.I ordered it from Nintendo Power Magazine around 1994. I had the poster when I was younger and mounted it on the wall with poster putty. Currently, there is some residue on the corners of the reverse side the poster. There is also some slight bending to some of the corners, but nothing significant. Otherwise, the poster is in great condition overall. It would look great framed!” It would look great framed!

Good Luck!

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  1. MAD`s Zelda Link to the Fart? Link`s walk through the “Windy Caverns” comes to mind lol…. “Damn, why can`t I keep this lamp lit! and what`s that smell!?”

Legend of Zelda Link to the Past Banner,MGS Peace Walker Box Set, Signed Samus Aran Metroid Poster

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