Limited Statues – Pokemon, Zelda, Monkey Island, and Sam & Max

When a statue is put out in a very limited quantity, it’s often due to the quality of the item. If they were cheap and easy to produce and still numbered 1,000 or less, I’m sure collectors would catch on and say something about it. The following statues are all of great quality and are quite limited.

Pokemon Statue

This statue of Ash and Pikachu was made to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Pokemon. The above shown picture is deceptive when you think about it’s size. It looks like something about the size of an apple or something, but this actually stands one foot tall! It was limited to 1,500, but the seller makes no mention of what number they are selling. It’s a big deal for any Pokemon fan for sure.

Pokemon 10th Anniversary Statue Ltd 1,500

The next few statues have all appeared here on VGA at one time or another, but the first one is a first in how intact it is…

Gold Zelda Statue Box

This gold Legend of Zelda statue comes packaged in several parts but, once assembled, it is a stunning piece. I’ve read many comments on the internet where people attacked posted photos as being fake statues. They would pick at the height, color, and detail. This debate is put to rest in this case because it comes complete with the original box. It was limited to 3,800 through Club Nintendo and while this may seem like a high number, this statue is very much hunted after by Zelda fans. It shows up on many “top 10 most wanted” lists by collectors.

Gold Legend of Zelda Statue Ltd 3,800

The next two are both limited to 1,000 and both come from the same company; Symbiote Studios.

Sam and Max Statue

I’m a huge fan of Sam & Max. The dark sense of humor really fits well with my own. This statue shows Max gleefully aiming a gun at a rat while Sam looks elsewhere unaffected. It’s over 17″ tall and is quite heavy. I think I’m going to check around for one of these soon to get one for myself.

Sam & Max Statue Ltd 1,000

Secret of Monkey Island Statue

Here’s a moment in video game history that was burned into the memories of many gamers around the world. Monkey Island is one of the most popular (if not the most popular) adventure game series ever made. This statue was released with the fairly recent special edition of the Secret of Monkey Island and, as I mentioned above, was limited to 1,000. I’ve seen one in person and was shocked at the size of it. It’s a great statue and does justice to a great game.

Secret of Monkey Island Ltd 1,000

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Limited Statues – Pokemon, Zelda, Monkey Island, and Sam & Max

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