Magnavox Odyssey 2 Complete US Library Game Collection,Resident Evil Prototype Figures and More!

Here’s an auction you don’t see everyday! Seller has The Complete US Library for the Magnavox Odyssey 2. Although he says it”s the complete library, he doesn’t have “Frogger” or “Popeye” which is highlighted in red at the bottom of the description below. Seller says he will try to find these two games but in the slim chance someone buys it now, he will give you a credit (perhaps free shipping? 🙂 ).

Click here for Magnavox Odyssey 2 Complete US Library Game Collection

Seller says: “This is the complete collection of the Magnavox Odyssey 2 System and games for North America. What will you receive? Everything pictured. Odyssey 2 Video Game System in excellent condition, complete early system in box with white controllers. (Pictures will be updated shortly of the system, more accessories will be added as well). The complete US Library of Odyssey 2 System games.54 Titles in all.

These titles are complete in excellent condition, with manual, game and case. Give or take a few. I’m not going through all of these. (I would like to think that I’m pretty picky when it comes to condition, everything here is 98% in excellent condition) Because of the amount being offered I am not accepting any returns on individual items this lot is AS-IS everything works and is tested)

These titles include the Box, Game and Manual:

Computer Intro!
Computer Golf!
Cosmic Conflict!
Take the Money and Run!
I’ve Got Your Number!
Invaders From Hyperspace!
Showdown in 2100 A.D.
War of Nerves!
Alpine Skiing!
Out of This World!/Helicopter Rescue!
Alien Invaders—Plus!
The Quest for the Rings! (Master Strategy Game, Impossible to find COMPLETE with all items)
Conquest of the World! (Master Strategy Game, Impossible to find COMPLETE with all items)
Keyboard Creations
The Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt (Master Strategy Game, Impossible to find COMPLETE with all items)
K.C. Munchkin!
Freedom Fighters!
Pick Axe Pete!
Smithereens (voice)
K.C.’s Krazy Chase! (voice)
Attack of the Timelord!
Killer Bees! (voice)

These titles include the cartridge only.

Electronic Table Soccer!
Casino Slot Machine!
Power Lords (Especially nice pulled from new box)
Demon Attack

These titles include the box and cartridge.

Pocket Billiards
Type & Tell! (voice)

These titles include the cartridge and manual only.

S.I.D. the Spellbinder
Nimble Numbers Ned! (voice)
P.T. Barnum’s Acrobats (voice)
Super Cobra

NOTE : I’m currently trying to locate Popeye and Frogger they are included, a credit will be issued if I cannot find them in time for the sale.

Pink Panther obviously is not included, whether you believe this was or not released is up to you.


Other Video Game Auctions:
Kingdom Hearts Formation Arts – complete waves 1-4, 23 figures/chess pieces – wow, this is a great auction! I loved the Kingdom Heart games. To find the complete set of all 4 series is incredibly hard. The seller is missing two pieces but that’s nothing considering that he has 98% of the figures. the other two figures can be found by doing a regular eBay search. The auction was posted last week with no bidders. Seller lowered the price so at $300 this is still a great deal.
Sega Dreamcast LIMITED EDITION – Seller says: “This is a fully operational Sega Dreamcast (NTSC) LIMITED EDITION. This means it includes the Sega Smashpack Volume 1! In addition, there are extra goodies with the basic package”.
Lunar Silver Star RARE PROMO DISPLAY Autographed Vic Ireland playstaton sega cd – “These where part of a promo package only sent to a very limited amount of US stores to promote the game & were never offered for retail sale! This is a very rare item & a nice piece of video gaming history. It is the Rarest Working designs item i have ever seen. There were only a couple of hundred made and most went to stores and got thrown away. Even Victor only sold 2 of these back in his 2007 WD sale!If i didn’t need the money i’d never sell it.Get it now or miss out. The chances of ever seeing another one of these is practicly none! (i’ve seen 3 in the past 13 years) The One other Victor sold & the 3rd was taped to a store counter.Even Seeing another one of these displays is incredibly unlikely, seeing another new unused one is even more unlikely & seeing another new unused, autographed by victor is not going to happen!”
Nintendo NES Sealed Color a Dinosaur 1992 VGA 85 #74927369 No Reserve NR – If Pat The Nes Punk is reading I’m sure he’s got a word or two to say about this. I know he always has fun paying Color a Dinsaur during his NES Marathons :).
Nutting Associates Computer Space Ball -2 Player Arcade Game – Wow, this is a vintage machine. Seller says: “Up for sale: An all original, Nutting Associates, Computer Space Ball Arcade game. This is a 2 player unit, and is ranked 1 out of 100 by the International Arcade Museum, indicating that it is one of the most rare arcade games that you can find. This unit is NOT in working condition; the wiring appears to be sound, but there are two broken tubes inside of the unit; when turned on, the unit makes a humming noise, so we believe that it would work if the tubes were replaced. The housing cabinet has scratches on the corners (as seen in the pictures), but should not be hard to restore. Due to the weight and dimensions of the item, you will be responsible for picking up the item or arranging your own freight.”
Factory Sealed Stack Up – this auction is getting a lot of attention and with 2 days left it is at $305. Hard to see factory sealed black game nes games without a VGA grade.
KUNG FU Game 1988 SEALED VGA 85 NM+ Professionally Graded – 3 days left at $300 with 2 bidders.
Vintage 1980s Nintendo NES 12 Game Sears Store Model No-M82 Console – One bid at $1199. Seller says: “Vintage 1980s Nintendo NES 12 Game Sears Store Model No-M82 Console. NO: 000019702. IT WORKS! Played with it to this day I have posted it. This console was meant for in-store use only to allow customers to try the NES games before purchase and after store was done with console it was sent back to nintendo to destroy. A very few including this one survived! You would be the talk of the party because these are very rare. I always made my friends jealous! In Great Shape! Very Clean! Only problems are one missing knob on back of console but is set at highest time 120 minutes (shown in picture). A slight bow on top that doesn’t effect it and some very minor scratches in front where you take face off to insert games. Barely noticable. Inside was fully cleaned of dust last year as maintenance. There are new screws added for better looks. The front piece does have to come off to insert games. It was made to keep your favorites in and not to take in and out just cause of inconvienance. I have changed out games and still works great! This was made much better than any game console out there now! There are 5 ports for controllers. I have the past few years only used up to 3 of the ports but never had a problem with other two before. Games do have to be inserted clean of coarse and in tight but every game port works. Red button in front is to choose game wanted to play (1-12). I am NOT including games or controllers to this unit because we do still have the traditional Nintendo Nes system that we will continue playing classic games on”
Company of Heroes Special Limited 7.62 Ammunition Box Edition – PC gaming baby
MINDZEYE STUDIOS Gears Of War Dom Santiago Statue GOW Platinum – these have gone down in price a lot! I remember they were going for $300+. This auction is at $99 with no bidders.
Castle Crashers – The Behemoth Official Hoodie SIGNED by DAN PALADIN – “You asked for it. Our number one most requested item is finally here! Be the coolest kid (or adult) on your block with this awesome hoodie featuring front zip, media pocket, thumbholes, super warm sherpa lining. Represent. 80% cotton / 20% polyester body,100% polyester sherpa lining,1×1 rib with spandex.”. signed by Dan Paladin.
ZELDA II THE ADVENTURE OF LINK PROTOTYPE SAMPLE GAME PAK graded by VGA with COA – it’s crazy what people will get graded. I don’t see the point in grading something that’s already been opened especially if it’s a sample gamepak.
Biohazard Resident Evil 2 Leon Kennedy Desert Eagle Tokyo Marui Master Piece – One of the nicer Resident Evil collectibles. The Leon .50 Desert Eagle is sure to get attention from your fellow gamers.
Resident Evil (Biohazard) LEON’S BOMBER JACKET L size – Cheap at $399. These sell for $500 normally!
Biohazard Resident Evil 0 ZERO UMBRELLA TANAKA WORKS CAPCOM – I use to own this gun a long time ago. Sold the gun to a friend for $200! Now look at how much you can get for this! It’s obviously priced high so I am not sure if this is the market value currently but this is one a bad-ass hand gun.

Resident Evil Prototype Figures:
Palisades series 3 Chris Tyrant wesker G4 signed PROTOTYPE lot set Resident Evil
Palisades wesker G4 set signed PROTOTYPE lot Neca Misprint Verdugo Resident Evil
2 Chris Redfield Palisades seriesv3 camo set signed PROTOTYPES lot Resident Evil
Palisades SERIES 3 G4 William Birkin SIGNED PROTOTYPE Biohazard Resident Evil
Palisades SERIES 3 Albert Wesker Hunter SIGNED PROTOTYPE Biohazard Resident Evil
Palisades SERIES 3 Chris Redfield Camo SIGNED PROTOTYPE Biohazard Resident Evil
Palisades SERIES 3 Tyrant SIGNED PROTOTYPE kenneth lilly Biohazard Resident Evil

Good luck!


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Magnavox Odyssey 2 Complete US Library Game Collection,Resident Evil Prototype Figures and More!

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