Massive Limited Edition Nintendo DS Collection – 30 Systems

This is by Far the biggest DS collection to date. The massive collection of 30 Handheld game consoles predominantly consists of limited edition models. Now if you’re one of the people that are thinking about that 80 DS lot that sold months ago, those were nearly all of the same system and some were broken. So it was a massive lot of junk. But this lot consists of many models and is coming from a collector, not some wholesale seller.

Not only is this the biggest DS collection I’ve seen, it’s the most complete. Everything’s there; box, instructions, etc. And on top of everything being complete the seller took great care since all the boxes are close to NM shape. Just taking a look at the sellers pictures makes you realize how sweet it would be to display these handhelds in your game room.

Massive DS Handheld Console Collection

Here’s the list that’s being offered:

JP=from japan US=from the united states EU=from Europe….all systems play all format games

1. Ace attorney dsi JP-complete with game (mint)-includes ace attorney dsi strap!

2. Maple story dsi Korea-complete with game (mint)

3. Mario ds lite-complete unopened (mint)

4. Kingdom hearts 358/2 dsi JP-complete with game (mint)

5. Final fantasy Crystal dsi JP-complete with game mint except for one dead pixel on the bottom screen-not very noticeable

6. Mew ds JP-complete (mint)

7. Pokemon worlds 2009 dsi US-complete (mint)with box

8. Pokemon worlds 2010 dsi xl EU-complete (mint)

9. Grand theft Auto ds lite female cover US-complete (mint)-includes chopstick stylus and box

10. Final fantasy revenant wings ds lite JP-no box (mint)

11. Pokemon diamond/pearl ds lite US-no box (mint)

12. Pokepark ds US-heavy use, and surface scratches comes wit hbox but also rough shape

13. Guitar hero ds lite US-show small signs of use, no box

14. Guitar hero ds lite EU-box, missing papers, (mint)

15. Green Mario Party dsi US-Mint unopened

16. ds lite US-complete (mint)

17. Giritina diasuke ds lite JP-complete with game (mint)

18. Pikachu ds lite JP-shows signs of minor use, no paper work

19. Zelda ds lite US-mint unopened

20. Pokemon black dsi-complete with game (mint)

21. Pokemon white dsi-complete with game (mint)

22. World ends with you ds lite-mint unopened

23. Tokyo and Japan ds lite-complete (mint)

24. Final Fantasy 3 ds lite JP-Complete very minor play ware

25. Gundam ds lite-complete very minor play ware

26. Navy Blue ds lite JP-not -small signs of use with box

27. Red dsi JP-complete (mint)

28. Lime green dsi JP-complete minor play ware

29. White dsi LL JP-mint complete

30. And last but not least a 3ds Panda development system US-mint and complete with box

There are a lot of exclusive models that were only available in certain countries, which means you just can’t find them everyday. Some of the consoles here fetch a decent price so if you tally up everything the asking price is just about dead on. Check it out!

Thanks **Brian!

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Massive Limited Edition Nintendo DS Collection – 30 Systems

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