Massive NES Collection, Video Games Live Autographs, E.T. Standee

When buying collectibles and games on eBay, you will always run into high prices. It’s the nature of the beast. While you can find some great buys from time to time, the real value in eBay is finding stuff you will likely never find anywhere else. The best example of this are the lots or collections that go up for auction.

NES collection

NES Collection, System with 625 Games – If you’re looking to get a huge jump start into owning the complete library of NES games, this auction is for exactly that. Keep in mind, if you put the time into it (a lot of time), you can gather this collection at a lower cost. I’m lazy when it comes to flea markets so I found myself looking this auction over for some time thinking of my maximum bid. The current bid hasn’t met the reserve price… I’m thinking it will be approx $2,000.

Donkey Kong T-Shirt (1981) – This t-shirt looks like the real deal as a vintage print, but the seller makes an odd claim about being the person who designed the first ad for Donkey Kong. I find this beyond doubtful.

Video Games Live Signed Envelope – The item signed may not be the best, but the people who have signed this envelope are hard to get in touch with for an autograph. It has been signed by Tommy Tallarico, Gerard Marino, Benoit Grey, and Laura Intravia. Also included in this auction are an all-access pass from the show and a ticket stub which shows a $0 entry fee and pre-show invitation. The seller got to go to the show due to a prize package.

E.T. Atari Standee – It’s funny to think of the time and money put into advertising E.T. for the Atari 2600 knowing now how terrible the game was. Also included in the auction are Pac-Man (sealed) and an E.T. cart loose. Still, the price is high.

Metal Gear 4 Signed by Hideo Kojima and Yumi Kikuchi – Everyone knows who Hideo Kojima is, but how many recognize the name Yumi Kikuchi? She was the voice actress for Raging Raven in the game.

In the Mix Limted Edition – Chris Hülsbeck – I’m a huge fan of Chris Hülsbeck’s video game music. The one track that stands out most for me personally would be the theme to Turrican II. It’s pretty long but every second is pure awesome.

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  1. Actually, that seller with the Donkey Kong T-shirt is telling the truth. His name is Leslie Cabarga, and he created the original artwork for the North American Donkey Kong arcade flyer in 1981. In fact, his signature is visible on the printed flyer. He also did the original art for the Donkey Kong Cereal box!

  2. Very interesting. I mean I would also be skeptical of the claim since that’s quite a big title. Painting the original DK Nintendo ad? That’s huge! I would love to see the seller post up something awesome like the original artwork. Cool auction nevertheless!

Massive NES Collection, Video Games Live Autographs, E.T. Standee

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