Metal Gear NES Signed!! Zelda Twilight Princess E3 Trailer, Miyamoto Press Kit Signed and Zelda items!

Wow I have some incredible stuff for display today. I have unique items from seller Weezerjedi. He’s got some cool E3 items that are signed. He also has pictures for proof which always help. I think by now most can recognize a fake from an original. Video Game autographs are not usually fake. I’ve seen very few fakes on eBay but then again you need to have a knack for that sort of thing.

Well first auction up for bid is a copy of Metal Gear for the Nintendo Entertainment System but SIGNED by Hideo Kojima!! Now how cool is that? No really… how cool is that? This, in my opinion, is the holy grail of Metal Gear collecting, getting a Hideo Kojima autograph on Metal Gear for NES.

The autograph is genuine as you can tell from the picture below. I never understood why people who go to Hideo Kojima signings never bring worthy items for autographing like the original Metal Gear? I know if I went to one of these I’d milk it for all it’s got.

With that said if you want to bid on this, you can click here for the Metal Gear Original Nintendo Signed by Hideo Kojima

The same seller is listing a Nintendo Press kit from the E3 event. Apprently Miyamoto did a suprise appearence so the seller went over to the Nintendo booth where a big crowd gathered. He got this press kit signed as it was the only Nintendo related item he had in the moment. This is a sheer reminder to bring a bag with you full of merchandise “in case” something like that happens.

This press kit was only given out to attendees of the press conference. It’s fairly rare if you consider press kits rare. If you want to place a bid you can do so by click here for the Miyamoto Signed Press Kit E3

Other cool stuff:

Evil Controllers X-Box 360 Modded Controller MW2 COD4

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess TRAILER E3 2005 NDS

Penny Arcade Trade Paperback Collection Vol 1-6 SIGNED

Legends of Zelda Skull Kid Statue

Vintage Legend of Zelda vinyl costume 80’s halloween


Vintage Nintendo storage chest Mario, Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask New Factory Sealed

Vintage Nintendo Super Mario Legend of Zelda Twin Sheet

Zelda’s Adventure

Yours Truely,


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  1. There’s somthing very cool about this post that I have to mention… Hideo Kojima has, in the past, spoken openly about the NES version of Metal Gear not meeting up with his original design made for the MSX2 version. Knowing this, it’s very interesting to see his grin in the image above (scroll up for a second look). He must have been tired of signing new-age MGS items at that point and welcomed his original with open arms.

    Very cool item… seriously cool pic.

  2. People not bringing NES version of Metal Gear is because Hideo Kojima didnt involve with the project, just the MSX version. And Hideo Kojima said it is unfaithful to his original game, and he actually called NES version garbage. Cmon, I am not a gaming expert and I still know better than you. First time I see an ignorant nerd.

  3. Albert Wesker, the story with Hideo and the NES version of the game is very old, everyone knows this including Kenji since you’re implying that he had no clue. It also doesn’t mean you can’t bring the NES version to get signed(if that’s all you have). We live in North America which = “NES” version of MG, so Kenji thought it was cool to show someone getting it signed despite what version it was. Btw, MG was not released on the MSX, it was released on the MSX2 🙄

  4. Your comment is irrelevant to the post Albert since Hideo is the “series” creator which makes it extremely cool to have it signed by him. The seller thought it was cool as well as the 2 bids on it so far at $203. That’s more than a signed metal gear solid for Ps1. So I don’t know what purpose your comment serves other then a backlash on a previous post 😉

  5. As far as vigeo game knowledge goes I will post exactly what the seller wrote so people don’t think there’s any false information:

    ” This is a copy of Metal Gear for the NES signed by the series creator Hideo Kojima. I got this signed at the Game Stop at Universal City in Los Angeles on June 13, 2010 during the Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker World Tour. This is the game that started it all. The first in an epic series that spans over 20 years of gaming, Metal Gear was and always has been a ground breaking and innovative series. Celebrate this awesome game and its’ awesome creator by getting your hands on this signed collector’s item now!”

    That is why you want Metal Gear for the NES Signed 🙂

  6. Not to be biased, I’m a serious Metal Gear fan from the original all the way up to the new age. As a kid the only version I played MG ‘was’ on the NES. If I was to see Hideo at a convention I’d definitely bring that version with me, it would be awesome to have it signed despite the politics behind it. If I also had the MSX2 version I’d bring that with me as well, but I don’t. Ah well…

Metal Gear NES Signed!! Zelda Twilight Princess E3 Trailer, Miyamoto Press Kit Signed and Zelda items!

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