Meet The World’s Oldest Esports Team. The Silver Snipers.

World oldest esport team

The Silver Snipers from Sweden are the world’s oldest esport team, with the youngest member being 64 years old.

Meet CS:GO’s Silver Snipers, The World’s Oldest Esports Team

Do you remember at what age you played your first video game? Some of the best young talent around the world can be found playing hit titles like Fortnite or League Of Legends. Nobody is surprised in 2019 to see a 13 year old signing a contract to join a pro organization.

However, do senior pro gamers even exist? Ever wonder what the oldest esport roster looks like? Well meet the Silver Snipers, the world’s oldest esport team.

Who are Silver Snipers?

The Silver Snipers are in fact an Esports team, just not your typical team. The youngest member on their roster is 64, and also included are members over 80 years old. The team is from Sweden and play the popular esports game, CS:GO. The current roster consists of two female and three male players. The team has big brand sponsors like Lenovo, a coach, and even a training regiment. They train like every other esports team and try to compete.

Silver Snipers Roster

Frederik Andersson, a former CS:GO pro player is their coach. Although most of it is for seniors to follow them and absorb a healthy lifestyle while gaming at the same time, BBC interviewed them in 2017 to learn more.

How were they founded?

It’s actually a project called seniors citizens where they were to play in Dreamhack 2018. Although none played CS: GO before forming the roster, they all took it with enthusiasm and enjoy gaming. Therefore, the project was supposed to make esports more eligible and approachable by seniors.

Will, they ever win  a World Series? Probably not, but it’s an amazing thing that they even can compete and build a following. Many older players state that gaming helps with their daily lives while fine tuning their motor skills.

If your parents don’t understand why you play so much video games, then perhaps you can introduce the Silver Snipers to them. This is proof that age is only a number, while hardcore gaming lives on forever.

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