Destiny 2 Is Back With Festival Of The Lost Halloween Event

Destiny 2 Is Back With Festival Of The Lost Halloween Event
  • The Limited Time Halloween Event “Festival of the Lost” is coming to Destiny 2 soon. Get your fireteam ready to raid the forest and get loot.

Halloween Time is one of the most exciting times of the year for a gamer. All big gaming titles give out free virtual goodies that are exclusive to that limited-time event. Destiny 2, like every other year, is returning with its Festival of the Lost Halloween event. This is the event dedicated to dressing up in Halloween costumes and completing limited-time game modes with friends to indulge in the complete Halloween feel.

Eva Levante returns as the official herald. This event will have spooky decorations all across tower during the event, the return of the Haunted Forest activity, and the weapon Braytech Werewolf will return to the game just with awesome skin and improved power level. It is a legendary auto rifle.

To kick Festival of the lost off players will be provided with a Masquerader Helmet. The guardians will have to talk to Eva, who will be at the Tower during the event to get the helmet. That particular helmet can be upgraded with ornaments, which will be purchasable with the currency for the Halloween Event – Chocolate Strange coins. The coins can be earned through bounties and activities. Players will have to collect the currency and then spend them on Mystery Grab Bags and the legendary gun Werewolf. Both candy and Chocolate Strange Coins have to be redeemed with Eva Levante in order to get the rewards.

The infinite has been converted again to the Haunted Forest. Guardians will take on fiends, ghouls, and terrors that lie within all in the given time window of 15 minutes. They can explore deeply and maybe face something scary in the end. The recommended power level for this activity is 750. Guardians can launch this event by interacting with the Haunted Forest mission totem placed right next to Eva Levante. For the event, there will be event-specific mods that can be equipped in the Masquerader helmet to provide for better clearance of the forest.

The Eververse store will also have Halloween themed items that guardians can buy with bright dust or silver during Festival of the lost event.

Apart from the bounties and missions from Eva Levante, players can also complete triumphs, which will be present for the time the Festival of the Lost event runs. The update hits Destiny 2 on October 29, and the event will run till November 19.

Get ready to grab your mystery bags and collect candies during Festival of the lost event. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grab this exclusive loot during this festive season.

Read more about the event here.

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