E3 Canceled Due to Coronavirus 

E3 Cancelled Due to Corona Virus 
  • E3 is canceled due to fear from Corona Virus. We are expecting more cancellations soon in the gaming industry.
Coronavirus continues to affect every major gathering around the world. Yesterday we learned that the current NBA season is canceled until further notice. Coronavirus is affecting the gamers also. Around the world, major conventions and tournaments are getting canceled every day. Currently, the worst-hit regions were Asia and Europe however, recently North America is also affected by the news of Coronavirus. E3 2020 is canceled this year due to coronavirus and it was a big blow for the industry altogether.

E3 is the biggest gaming expo and the most expected one. Generally, big companies announce their upcoming games in this expo. This year was going to be a special year as well. We are going to see the new consoles at the end of this year. Even though Sony made a habit of skipping E3, we were expecting a presentation from Xbox. Of course, this also means that we will not see this and most probably the announcements of games are going to be done from social media and streaming platforms. This is just another gathering that coronavirus affected.
In other news, coronavirus might also affect the future consoles, since China is the main manufacturer of most of the components, we can expect some disturbances at the manufacturing process. Currently, most of China is still on lockdown, even though the virus reached a plateau in numbers. Also, the numbers started to rise in Europe and currently Northern Italy is under lockdown. Experts are expecting that France and Germany follow Italy soon since the containment period is missed. We are expecting more news about cancellations because of the current epidemic around the world.

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