E3 News: Ubisoft Announced Watchdogs Legion

E3 News Ubisoft Announced Watchdogs Legion
Source: Ubisoft

E3 continues with excitement and today we are going to take a look at the Ubisoft Conference where Watch Dogs Legion was just got announced.

E3 News: Ubisoft Announced Watchdogs Legion

Ubisoft started E3 with a very nice entrance from the Assasin’s Creed Symphony. Although this was a highly unexpected entrance to the conference, it was most welcomed. After yesterdays excitement with Cyberpunk 2077 and Keanu Reeves, it was certainly a different tone. Nonetheless, as we have expected Ubisoft’s announcement of their upcoming titles.

Watchdogs Legion

Ubisoft announced Watchdogs Legion today. The game does look certainly amazing. Watchdogs Legion will take place in the future of London. Watchdogs Legion London is a chaos-ridden place with lots of problems. Players will be playing as a resistance group called DedSec against Albion.

The most interesting thing about the Watchdogs Legion is the recruitment process. The game offers an open world and everyone is recruitable for you to play. Players can choose to recruit certainly interesting figures like an old lady or a former spy. Watchdogs Legion players can look around the city and profile these characters and recruit them. Each character has a very unique set of background and skills in a sense Watchdogs Legion allows you to be whoever you want to be. Therefore, choose your characters wisely.

The surroundings look amazing. On top of the potential recruits, all have different animations as well. For example, the old lady is seriously slow but she is skilled with her weapons. You can choose to play from your recruits for specific missions. Here’s the gameplay to better understand the recruitment process.

As you can see it does look amazing. The development cycle must have been long. Considering you can play as anyone, all the different animations and voice acting is impressive. It surely does look like a job well done and Ubisoft fans will have another blockbuster game to look forward to.

Watchdogs Legion Release Date

Watchdogs Legion release date is March 6, 2020. Therefore the game is available on pre-order now.

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