All Female Gaming Group, PMS Clan, Recommitting To Supporting Competitive Players

All Female Gaming Group PMS Clan Support Competitive Players in Esports
  • One of the oldest all-female gaming groups, PMS Clan, is actively building new initiatives to help reignite their competitive focus in esports tournaments.

PMS Clan Refocusing On Competitive Play

One of the most recognizable and largest community for female gamers is recommitting to supporting competitive players. The PMS Clan has been working on many initiatives this year, and one of them is to bring more focus back into the competitive space. The clan wants to embrace and support women and the next generation of female gamers. As was always the goal for PMS, they want to give women and young girls a place to interact and share their gaming experiences. PMS Clan wants to provide a sense of empowerment and support a “pro-women” environment. But most notably, PMS will be looking at getting back into competitive gaming.

The esports industry is male-dominated, and not only has this been a hot topic for many years, but it’s becoming more concerning due to the lack of women in esports today. The PMS Clan is looking to do something about this, and if there was any group that can make a difference, it would be them. One of the biggest esports organizations in the world, FaZe Clan, signed their first female player. The news was met with positivity and excitement, however, many pointed out that it took way too long for a major esports organization to sign a female gamer.

But it’s a start that was much needed in the industry, and the signing of Ewok will hopefully help esports head in the right direction and diversify the space. With the recent news of Gen.G and Bumble partnering up, things are indeed looking positive in the space.

Main Goals For PMS Clan

Recently, PMS Clan announced that they are working on building new initiatives that will help bring the clan to the competitive scene again. There are three goals mentioned which are:

  1. Increase their community and awesomeness connecting with women players.
  2. Launching a new set of competitive players and teams which their goal is to give women and young girls a place to share their gaming passions.
  3. Support Professional and Pro-Am players and teams to compete in esports tournaments.

In order for the PMS Clan to reach their initiatives, they are looking for volunteers to help make their goals a reality.

Volunteer Roles for the PMS Clan

The Clan relies on community volunteers to help achieve their goals, and there are several roles opened that you can apply to. Here are the roles that are currently available:

  • Recruitment Manager for Xbox
  • Division Leader for all games
  • Platform Co-General (PC)
  • Engagement Manager
  • Content Manager
  • Live Content Team

If you’re interested in applying to any of these positions please go here: Help spread the word and go follow the PMS Clan at any of their social channels:

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