INTEL Is Bringing It’s Esports Tournament Ahead Of The Olympic Games In Tokyo [Intel World Open 2020]

INTEL Esports Tournament Olympic Games Tokyo Intel World Open 2020
  • The Intel World Open will be heading to Tokyo 2020, just ahead of the Olympic games.  INTEL’s IWO will feature Street Fight V and Rocket League. Here are the details.

Intel World Open 2020

This year, the Intel World Open will be heading to Tokyo in 2020 just before the Olympic games. This isn’t the first esports tournament that was held before the Olympic games. In 2018, INTEL brought the Intel Extreme Masters to PyeongChang where 18 players from around the world competed for a $150,000 prize pool in StarCraft II. It was an iconic moment in esports history, and INTEL will continue to host esports tournaments before the Olympic games leading up to 2024.

For Toyko 2020, the structure will be a little different as INTEL is adding two different games which will include more players in the tournament. Here are the details for the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo.

Tokyo 2020

Intel has announced that it is a partner with the IOC and the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympics to provided groundbreaking technology at the Olympic games. The partnership with the IOC will lead up to 2024. Part of this partnership allows INTEL to introduce their esports tournament called the Intel World Open just ahead of the Olympics.

“We are excited Intel is bringing the Intel World Open esports tournament to Japan in the lead up to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.  As we explore the engagement between esports and the Olympic Movement we are looking forward to learning from this event and continuing to engage with the passionate esports community from around the world,” – Kit McConnell, IOC Sports Director

The Intel World Open will feature two games:

  • Capcom’s Street Fighter V
  • Psyonix’s Rocket League

They have also stated that the IWO will be powered with the Intel Core i7 gaming processor as well as the PCs used in the broadcasts and complete backend infrastructure. The Intel World Open will start with online qualifiers in early 2020, as was the case in the 2019 Extreme Masters tournament. The tournament is opened to all, where any player can participate to play for their country. There will be a live qualifier in Katowice, Poland which happens to be a hot spot for esports tournaments. The tournament in Katowice will determine who will make it to the Intel World Open prior to the Olympics which will run from July 22 to the 24.

The finals of the Intel World Open will be held at the Zepp DiverCity venue which is located in the center of the Olympic Games area. There will be two champions in this tournament; one for each game being featured.

Intel World Open 2020 Prize Pool And Tournament Structure

The total prize pool for both esport events will be $500,000, split between each game:

  • $250,000 total prize pool for Street Fighter V
  • $250,000 total prize pool for Rocket League

The tournament structure for Street Fighter V is split into 4 groups:

  • National Qualifiers – Begins March 2020
  • Regional Qualifiers – Continues between March and May 2020
  • Live Qualifiers – June 2020
  • Tokyo Final Event – Starts July 22 – 24

Essentially the first three qualifiers are done before the Intel World Open in Tokyo. The Live qualifiers will be the tournament hosted in Katowice, Poland. For the National Qualifiers, there will be 12 countries pre-selected to form the national teams. At the Regional Qualifiers, players outside of the 12 pre-selected countries can participate. The Live Qualifiers will be held in Katowice to determine who goes to the finals in Tokyo.

The tournament structure for Rocket League will have three groups:

  • Online Qualifiers
  • Live Qualifiers
  • Tokyo Finals

The Online Qualifiers will start early 2020 with 16 of the best teams in the world competing. They will then move onto the Live Qualifiers in Katowice, Poland and the winners at the live event will move onto the finals in Tokyo.

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