Longest Twitch Stream Record is Broken by LosPollosTV

Longest Twitch Stream Record is Broken by LosPollosTV
  • Twitch is having another historic moment as LosPollosTV broke the Longest Stream World Record.

Twitch is the biggest streaming platform in the world, especially for gamers. Over the past few months, we have seen some other platforms try to pass Twitch, however, still by a large margin Twitch is the biggest streaming platform. Most names are staying under contract like Dr Disrespect for example. We have seen many records broken on Twitch, from most viewers to game records. This is natural for this platform.

However, maybe the most interesting record is broken today. LosPollosTV broke the longest stream in the history of streaming. While we’re writing this, the stream still continues and they are trying to reach another goal.

LosPollosTV started their stream as for every subscription he will make his stream longer by 2 more minutes. Since then the numbers started to pile up and now he as more than 10k subs on his Twitch channel. The longest stream until now was by Hulu with 161 hours and it is recognized by Guinness World Records. However, LosPollosTV is already at 163 hours and because he made a deal with his streamer he will try to reach 200 hours.

His deal also included that upon hitting 10k subs he will extend his stream by another 40 hours. This is an insane record and we are expecting it to stay for some time.

Of course, this record is broken with the help of his family. His family tried to help him during the stream when he is taking short naps to continue his stream running. He was able to pass 10K subs very quickly and the numbers are rising.

Upon breaking the record LosPollosTV announced it on twitter and stated that they have already contacted the Guinness World Records for the recognition of this amazing feat. LosPollosTV is known for playing NBA2K while he is streaming and he was already a very successful streamer and this will only make him more famous.

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