Rob McElhenney Announces Mythic Quest: A Gaming Company Based TV Series

Rob McElhenney Announces Mythic Quest A Gaming Company Based TV Series

We have seen our share of games at E3 until now. A TV series called Mythic Quest will be coming soon based around gaming companies.

Mythic Quest: A Gaming Company Based TV Series

Gaming is much more media-related these days. In the past, we had games and TV series, however, they rarely met in the middle. This was due to the fact that gamers were not considered as a big market. However, things started to change over the last decade. Now games are becoming much more integrated with our daily lives. Considering the average gaming age is around 30 years old we have the first generation in our hands that grew up with gaming. Social Media became a huge marketing point for gaming companies. We have twitch streamers, YouTubers, commentators, game writers, etc.

Nowadays, everybody wants to get a share of the pie because the pie has become bigger with each passing year. But today, something different was announced. It wasn’t another video game or a new technological product. Something just got announced at the Ubisoft Conference at E3 that shocked gamers who were watching. Instead of a game, we have just seen a TV series introduction. Not just a TV series, A gaming company based TV Show called Mythic Quest. Let us take a deeper look into the Mythic Quest trailer.

The theme of the series is about a fictional gaming company that has the biggest MMORPG game in the world. The story takes place during the time that they are announcing their first expansion. The game and the show is Mythic Quest. As we have said this particular fictional gaming company is releasing their first DLC and focuses around the problems they face.

This company has a CEO named Ian Grimm( played by Rob McElhenney) and it focuses on his big ego as well. We will see some familiar faces hopefully. Mythic Quest TV Series will be available on Apple TV and will be available very soon.

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