Ninja Partners With Adidas – “Put the TIME IN”

Ninja Partners With Adidas - Put the TIME IN
  • Popular streamer, Ninja, is continuing to change the gaming scene as he partners with major German sports apparel manufacturer ADIDAS.

A Growing Industry

Esports continues to grow and gain traction in all parts of the world. We are seeing fans from all over the world tune into major esports tournaments. Once thought of as a pastime is now a full-fledged business model. Large companies, as well as celebrities, are looking to have their foot in the esports industry by either creating their own esports team or doing a joint-venture for funding. It’s a major operation and we see the space continue to grow and break boundaries. Additionally, major advertisers are looking to sponsor teams and have their brand on team uniforms. For example, Jack & Jones sponsors team Astralis in CS:GO. However, now advertisers are looking to sponsor individuals, and we saw that happen recently.

Ninja Partners With Adidas – “Put the TIME IN”

Today we have seen maybe the most interesting partnerships. Adidas partnered with Ninja in an amazing deal. This is maybe one of the first deals we have seen like this for a single branded streamer. This changes things on a whole other level. Adidas is one of the most well-known sports brands in the world and partnering with Ninja is extremely unique. We have seen so many sportsmen and teams partnering with Adidas before.

The announcement came from the Adidas Originals twitter with a video where Ninja is speaking. The video is an interesting one because of this line.

“Time is our most valuable currency whether we measure mastery in beats, brushstrokes to Battle Royale wins.”

This line refers directly to esports and their recognition as sports. Of course, some people will not consider this important but it is an impressive partnership regardless. Ten years ago players would never dream of being up there however today the world is changing and the time of esports is coming. Congrats to Ninja on Adidas partnership.

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