PUBG Gameplay Changes Coming In Season 5 Overview

PUBG Gameplay Changes Coming In Season 5 Overview

On PC test servers a new PUBG update has been made available. A lot of major changes are coming in the new patch in the upcoming Season 5.

After the last few additions of a new vehicle and new shotgun this time the focus has been much more on changing and introducing new and helpful game mechanics. A ton of new content has been introduced in the game with this update. Let’s take a look over the major things and how the update will affect the main gameplay. The PC update will arrive on October 23rd and the console update will arrive on October 29th.

The update will witness flying weapons and utilities which will aid in a new sort of gameplay. The PUBG season 5 Survivor Pass is very similar to the Mad Max post-apocalyptic theme. Badlands is the title that has been given to the season pass. Players can equip their in-game avatar with all kinds of shiny studded black leather. Shoulder pads, vests, combat boots all available in leather to make a badass appearance. Badland Royalty Tuxedo is a beautiful addition to the game, the floral print in gold definitely catches a lot of attention. Now you can kill people in the desert map looking like a complete badass.

A La Muerte Vamos race track has been added as a new area in Miramar. It features loops, ramps and other objects which we generally see at a race track. Another new vehicle “Gold Mirado” has been added to the game to be found exclusively in the parking garage of Hacienda del Patron. This particular vehicle may become a hot contesting point for players in the game. The vehicle is sweet and players can drive around in it. A lot of visual clutters have also been removed from PUBG.

The spawn rates have been a much-complained factor about the map. The developers with this patch are balancing the spawn of items. They have reduced pistol spawn rates by 31 percent. The map is the biggest map of the game making long-ranged weapons an essential for survival and bringing home the chicken dinner, the spawn rates have been increased for long-range items and weapons. Also, spawn rates of armors have also been touched in a slight manner. The Win94 sniper rifle can now only be found in Miramar.

Vending Machines

A new way of getting items will be available to the players via the introduction of vending machines in the game. These machines will be not fixed in specific map areas but will randomly spawn in Casinos, Motels, gas stations, Arenas and commercial buildings. The loot available will be mainly painkillers and energy drinks. The dispensers can be used to take cover and avoid enemy fire but any damage to the vending machine may reveal the shooter’s location to enemies present nearby.

Throwable items

A tossing mechanic will be added to the game, which will allow players to toss specific items to their teammates in need. This battle royale is taking things on the next level by introducing gameplay tactics which have not been seen before in the games of a similar genre. The tossing can be done when your teammate requests consumable items like first-aids, bandages and they can also request ammo when they without firepower amidst battle or while looting. A prompt to throw the requested item will be shown which can be fulfilled by using the interact button. The tossed items will instantly be added to the inventory of the teammate in need so that it can be instantly be used. If the player’s inventory is full then it will land near their feet. PUBG is a game that tries to be as real as possible so the distance limited of 15 meters has been added for the throwables.

The best and most unique addition done to PUBG is the enabling of hurling melee weapons at enemies resulting in high damage depending upon various factors. Two different categories have been created to define the damage and the throwing range. In the first category Machetes, Crowbars, and sickles have been placed. These will see a maximum throwing range of 40 meters, and the damage will depend on the throwing distance ranging from 75 to 25. In the second category, Pans can be thrown till 30 meters and the damage ranges from 90 to 40. Also, you don’t need to worry about throwing your melee weapon away and getting an empty melee slot. After this update players will be able to stack multiple melee weapons in the same slot.

Owning with throwable weapons is a satisfying feeling on its own. It’s good to see that PUBG will be allowing the same and giving players the chance to wreck players with flying frying pans. The update is already live on the PC testing servers so fans of this game can check out the multiple changes and get ready to throw pans and dominate early on.

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