SK Gaming Partners With Matrix To Build A Program That Improves Players Practice Routines

SK Gaming Partners Matrix Esports Facility Centre
  • SK Gaming recently announced that they are partnering up with Matrix, a premium fitness equipment maker with the goal of maximizing player performance through proper nutrition and individual workouts.

Professional Gamers

To be good at a video game requires many hours of gaming. You’ll eventually get good, but if you want to take it up to the next level you’ll need to play as much as you can to understand the game mechanics, know where the point of contacts are, and understand a map in its entirety. For professional players, they are able to play a new game and get good at it rather quickly; faster than the average gamer. They also need to be in top form at all times, so they practice at home or at their team’s training facilities; sometimes days on end. This can be very demanding for pro players as they can see a decrease in performance if they don’t practice.

Additionally, pro players also stream on the side to stay engaged with their fans on a regular basis. All of this equates to a lot of sitting for long periods of time. You can’t exactly stand up and walk around playing a game, so this is where some issues come in play. Some players take it upon themselves to have a balanced exercise routine and mix playing video games with going to the gym. However, not every player is like that, which is why we see more esports organizations implement new programs to keep their players fit and healthy.

Esports Exercise Routine
Source: Bombers Esports


SK Gaming Partners With Matrix

Today, SK Gaming has taken it up a notch. They announced a partnership via Twitter with Matrix, a premium fitness equipment maker. Matrix, a subsidiary company of Johnson Health Tech. GmbH, partners with many top athletes in the world such as Davante Adams of the Green Bay Packers.

We’re happy to announce #Matrix as our new official fitness device partner! We want to build a 360° program that improves our players practice routines by maximizing their performance through proper nutrition and individual workouts.

The SK Magenta Facility in Cologne will be equipped with state-of-the-art fitness devices from Matrix. Johnson Health Tech will be looking to create a training area and performance centre. Being one of the oldest esports organizations (founded in 1997), they are making sure that their players’ health is the number one priority. SK Gaming mentioned via their website that their “goal is to prepare every player for the psychological and physical demands of the competition.

CEO of SK Gaming, Alexander Müller said:

“With our new partner Matrix we have established the perfect base for the workouts of our head of performance Yann-Benjamin Kugel. With their fitness devices and the space for recreation in our facility in Cologne, we provide ideal infrastructure beyond just gaming. Nutrition and workouts are now essential parts of our pro players’ routine and practice days.”

Esports organizations understand how demanding it can be as a pro player which is why teams are investing heavily into training facilities and performance centres for players.

Read the official announcement here.

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