XBOX ONE: Save Up To 50% On DLC for Free-to-Play Games

XBOX ONE Save Up To 50% On DLC for Free-to-Play Games

Xbox has announced a great deal for starter packs and in-app purchases. Here’s the details.

Xbox One Sale – 50% on DLC

Xbox has announced a Free to Play Sale for select titles. From now until April 29th, 2019, players can save up to 50% on games, starter packs, and in app purchases.

However, not everything is 50% off. Depending on what you buy at the store you’ll need to check what the are offering.

Coin Sales

Select games have anywhere between 15% to 30% off in the store. Here’s a list of games offering digital coins on discount.

BRAWLHALLA – For 540 and 1000 Mammoth Coins have 15% off now (or 20% off for 1600). Mammoth Coins can be used to unlock legends, skins, sidekicks, taunts and much more.

Warframe –  For 370 Platinum in-game currency, there’s a 35% sales right now. With this currency you can buy Warframes, weapons, consumables, mod packs, sentinels and a variety of other items to craft items in the Foundry. Additionally, you can have 40% off on 1000, 45% off on 2100 or 50% off on DLC on 3210 Platinum.

Packs Sales

There are some games in the store that offer packs for sale. Here’s the list below that have specials now.

Warface – Nuclear Pack is 50% off. The pack contains a M1911A1 “Nuclear” pistol, a Gold smoke grenade x1000 and a Mega VIP booster for 7 days.

3on3 FreeStyle – Rin Character Pack is 50% off. The package contains one character. It will get you Rin and whatever items needed for the characters growth. Additional, you’ll get the  Special Coin Buff Ball 3D (YRITBK200 3D) and a Gold Pack Ticket of  3, and 5,000 Coins.

Trove – Double Dragon Pack is 70% off. Included is Six Allies Griffon, Corgi, Panda, Tree Frog, Dragonfly, and Paper Crane. Four Mounts Platypus, Guinness, Rowdy, and Centaur. Twelve Equipment Styles. 5 helmet styles, 3 hat styles, 1 mask style, 2 spear styles, 1 pistol style and 2 Dormant Dragon Eggs.

Crossout — “Harsh Weekday” Pack is 50% off. Included in the Harsh Weekday pack is Unique armored vehicle Sandstorm, Weapon: 20 mm. AC43 Rapier cannon, Unique cabin ‘Hot-Rod’, Unique hero portrait, Caliban, Paint and patterns, Old salt, Checkers and a whooping 1250 in-game coins.

For the complete list of Bundles, character packs, game modes on sale, click here.


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