Nintendo Block Lounge Set,Metroid Nintendo Power Figure and More

Here’s some nice auctions that you should check out. Last week we featured an old Nintendo board game called “The Destiny Game”. Well this time there’s another pre-NES product from them called the Nintendo Block Lounge Set. Basically it is “Lego” but from Nintendo. For those who aren’t familiar with Nintendo’s pre-NES products, N&B was a branch in Nintendo that created toys to compete against LEGO back in the 1960’s. N&B released several different block sets and the difference between the two companies was that N&B produced “circular pieces” while LEGO had “brick pieces”. Nintendo even made commercials comparing the differences and how much more attractive the N&B blocks were, but consumers who purchased the sets started to complain that the pieces were weren’t connecting properly and in the end Nintendo closed down N&B operations.

Whats cool to note down is that in SML2: 6 Golden Coins, a level is featured in the game that’s made out of N&B Blocks! Pretty slick Nintendo!

Other Video Game Auctions:

Limited Edition Resident Evil 4 Gamecube Console – The auction is currently at $1,037.92 US. The reason is because this is a factory sealed console and is in mint condition.
Nintendo Power Super Metroid Samus Aran Joyride Figure – Seller says that this is the Joyride Samus Aran figure from Nintendo and was released in the early 2000’s. Nintendo Power figures are always hard to find especially with the card board.
Brand New Metroid for the NES – for all you UK readers this is a pretty rare auction. You hardly ever see this PAL version sealed. The price is currently at 320 GBP.
Gigantic SEGA and Jaguar Console Lot – Another great auction in the UK. Everything he offers is boxed and in amazing shape! Check it out
NES Metroid Asian Version – I thought I’d show this since you don’t really see the Asian version of this game complete, and there’s plenty of collectors who are into the regional games. Just the box art and the fact it says “Asian Version” is really neat. Check it out!

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  1. Sooooo strange how you listed all those Metroid auctions and I just got done posting a picture of all my Metroid games in the forum.

    *insert Twilight Zone music here*

    do do do do…do do do do. 😛

  2. Resident Evil 4, I still can’t believe what a great game it was and the fact that it was from last gen! RE5 was cool but I’m hoping to give Shadow of the Damned a shot. Anybody pick that one up yet?

  3. Yeah, RE4 is one of my favorite games. Haven’t played it in awhile, I need to again :). I’ve always wanted that RE4 special edition Gamecube, but man, that is the highest I’ve ever seen one of them go for! Used ones usually go for around $200-300, and I’ve seen 2 new ones sell for $500 & $700 respectively.

  4. David I swear it was a coincidence! I had all these unique Metroid auctions fall in place after doing a short search. I’ll check out what you posted now.

    Casval & Joseph, it’s funny you guys liked Resident Evil 4. I liked the beginning, but after the part where Leon got out of the house in the forest it all went downhill for me. I couldn’t stand the repetitive layout/enemies throughout the rest of the game. RE4 was alright, but for some reason I enjoyed RE5 more. I think it’s because everyone scenario was different(enemies, levels, visuals, etc…). As for the console, yeah it’s the highest I’ve ever seen them go for. Don’t understand the hype for it but it is brand new and maybe some hardcore Resident evil guy wants it? Also Casval, not sure if I will get Shadow of the Damned. I don’t think I can go through the whole game listening to the mini fire skull all the way through hahaha!

Nintendo Block Lounge Set,Metroid Nintendo Power Figure and More

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