Nintendo Coins & Arcade Tokens

Coins are something that always seem to show up in video games. The most famous coins would probably be the ever-present coins in every Mario related game ever made. But, why coins? Why not gems or stars? It could be as simple as coins = money, but I like to think that coins were chosen because of Mario’s arcade roots. In the original Mario Bros arcade, you collect coins to beat the other player. Why were coins put into that game? It’s not like kicking crabs and turtles often causes coins to appear, lol. My take on it is that since you need to put a coin into the machine to play, two players put their quarters into the machine to try to take the other player’s coin. It’s like grabbing the coins on the screen is you taking the other player’s coin they put in. This is of course just my theory, but whatever the reason; coins are a big part of Mario games and always will be.

Here’s a set of coins that were available for a limited time when Nintendo Power printed their 100th issue.

Nintendo Power 100th Issue Coins

I haven’t heard anyone putting a number down on how many of these coin sets were produced, but I would guess the quantity is far less than you may think. If anyone knows for a fact how many sets there are, please feel free to post a comment.

The original price for the set was, I believe, $30. The set currently up on eBay is priced much higher. The rarity of the coins is in question and I would recommend making an offer before the buy-now option.

Nintendo Power 100th Issue Coin Set

If you pre-ordered Super Mario Galaxy, you may have received one of these awesome looking coins…

Super Mario Galaxy Coin

Not only is the design of the coin itself great, but the way it is packaged is also very nice. It’s clearly meant to be set beside your copy of the game on the shelf which is kinda cool.

Super Mario Galaxy Commemorative Pre-Order Coin

Next up are some candy coins!

Mario Candy Coins

The display case for these candies is almost as cool as the awesome [?] blocks the actual candy is boxed in. Although the picture shown above shows the display opened and set up, the boxes (2 available) are actually still factory sealed. This is an item that I’m sure is often overlooked.

New Super Mario Bros Coin Candies Sealed Box

You wouldn’t think to find video game items in an eBay store called 1 Sterling Collectible Antiques, but this store actually has a collection of great arcade tokens for sale. I can very much see myself getting into collecting these.

Namco Arcade Token

If you prefer to jump right to their tokens, click here.

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Nintendo Coins & Arcade Tokens

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