Nintendo Power Pogs, Lemmings Retail Display, Sega Employee Watch

Good morning VGA readers. Today’s post will feature a variety of auctions, some have been listed before but are being re-listed at a lower price, others are unique and straight from Japan so let’s get right to it.

First auction is for a set of Nintendo Power Pogs. These were submitted by our good friend David. Nintendo Power in the 90s offered these pogs through their brochures which would come with some issues of Nintendo power. Nothing spells out 90s more the pogs and these are in excellent shape. It’s not often you’ll see these at this price so better keep an eye on them.

Super Mario Pogs

Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong Pogs

Second auction is for a Lemmings PSP Store Display blow up. How cool is that? I haven’t done any searches for Lemmings before so it’s nice to have something from a popular PC title as well as SNES. The blow up is new and hasn’t been used. When inflated it measures 2 feet tall. A nice piece for any game room.

Third auction is for a Mega Man Original graded by VGS. Now VGS is new to the scene it stands for Video Game Seal. They grade video games and by the looks of it do a fantastic job. There is a Video on the auction page showing the seller opening the Mega Man for the first time since it’s been resealed by Funcoland. It’s in fabulous condition and he handles it with care. As well if you become a member on their facebook and twitter page you get a chance to win a Nintendo World Championships Grey Cart! Yes that’s right and you can visit thier official site here at Video Game Seal.

Other Video Game Auctions:

Sega Employee Gold Watch 1992 – High quality and very rare Sega Employess watch given out in 1992. This is a relisted auction and there is no reserve. It has 1 bid on with with 6 days left. A must for any Sega Collector. (Thanks David!)

Mega Man NES and X Soundtrack Box Sets – A great addition to your Game Music Collection. It’s the regular Mega Man 1-6 ost and the X is all the X games. I love Mega Man music and this is a great price for both of them.

Mint Nintendo 64 Gold System – It’s not really rare but the condition is really good and people still look to collect a nice conditioned 64 and older consoles so here’s one fully equiped.

Shin Megami Tensei Ps2 Collection – For $100 you get 5 Shin Megami Tensei games. It’spractically all the games on ps2 with the exception of Digital Devil Saga 2. A great price for these 5 titles.

Ghosts and Goblins Handheld – This is brand new in the box from Japan. It’s very rare considered it’s age and a must for any Ghost and Goblins fans. Super cool and there’s only 2 bids on it. The current price is $55.

Castlevania Konami Music Collection – These box sets go for over $200, and still you’ll be lucky to find one at $200. This auction is at $100 and the set is in mint condition. It’s been opened once to upload the tracks onto iTunes.

Steampunk Bioshock Mod Xbox 360 Arcade Custom – I’m not too big into Bioshock but it’s a great title with many followers. This is a custom made Xbox with cool add-ons and the faceplate. Check it out for more details.

Massive Video Game Lot – This is a resellers dream. You have 10 systems and 170+ titles. Shipping is going to be a pain though. Wonder how much the lot will get. It has a lot of great titles.

Chrono Cross Serge Statue by Kotobukiya – This is a nice statue from a great game. It’s Serge, one of the main characters in the game and it’s part of a 3 set by Kotobukiya. This is in nice condition.

PS3 Resistence Press Kit – The seller is right, this is a rare press kit for Resistence for the Ps3. It currently has 6 bids and it’s at $76.

Big Planet Sackboy and Sackgirl Statues – This is a rare set of Statues from Little Big Planet. It was received from playstation rewards. These statues stand about 2.5 feet tall and are around 10lbs.

Nintendo Game Boy Promotional Sign – A nice original Gameboy Store sign in great shape. Auction has a reserve and a buy it now price.

Microsoft Xbox Extremely Rare “Prototype – This is truely a rare Xbox Prototype but with that price tag I can put a down deposit on a new home!

Star Fox StarFox Original Soundtrack Nintendo SNES – Considering it’s age, and the name it’s a good price, but not for the casual buyer of course.

Brand New NES Advantage – Submitted by Dogma, this is a new NES Advantage. Great price and the only brand new one on eBay.

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  1. Damn, there’s some items up there I was hoping would go unnoticed :/. And wtf is up with the Lemmings PSP Store Display????????? That’s hilarious! Nice finds

  2. I know! I totally want that, I really enjoyed Lemmings :). Plus there aren’t very many PSP collectibles, or inflatable collectibles for that matter. I actually bought one of those LocoRoco (LocoRoco being one of my favorite PSP games) displays from him, I should get it today in the mail!

  3. Stringerb, I just edited your comment. Please read VGA’s disclaimer at the bottom of the page. Posts take around 2-3 hours to make, and sometimes the authors on this site won’t be able to examine each individual item posted which is why we allow comments so that the viewers can also catch fakes/add information. But in general we are pretty good with not posting fakes/imitations.

  4. Well thanks for calling out the auction, I deleted it from the post. I took a look and can agree it’s a fake. I mean even without comparing it with the picture in the link, you can see the “H” is quite sloppy. Imagine how many times the seller was practicing Kojima’s signature before attempting the real thing hahaha

  5. There’s four different bidders on it. It’s interesting that the price is up that high. Perhaps this is a real Kojima autograph? I still find the signature a little off but maybe it’s like that because of the smooth plastic of the card? I guess we’ll never truly know but I wouldn’t feel comfortable bidding on the auction.

Nintendo Power Pogs, Lemmings Retail Display, Sega Employee Watch

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