Nintendo Prototypes, GTA 5 Keychain Set, Secret of Mana Soundtrack and More!

There’s some prototypes on eBay right now, two for the Nintendo Entertainment System, and one for the Super Nintendo. The seller took clear shots of inside the cart as well as posting screen shots of them in live mode. Seller johan_1984 has up a Dr.Mario Prototype (or otherwise called Virus), a Donkey Kong Country 3 Prototype and a Yoshi NES prototype. I’ve never really care for prototypes in general unless it was of a game that was almost complete and then change later on (ex: RE 1.5). Other than that, finding a couple of different aspects to the game, or color difference never appealed to me. Sure Dr.MArio has the name “Virus” in the screen shot and some other notable differences but not enough to spend even $1k. But that’s me of course. I’ll just write down what the seller wrote in his auctions descriptions below:

Dr.Mario / Virus Prototype Description:
This auction is for three (3) different first-party NTSC prototype versions of what would later become the game Dr. Mario for the NES. Each one of these unique cartridges represents a different phase in the development of this title.


Virus (1989): Found at a flee market in San Antonio, TX, in 2010 and then sold to me. This is the earliest known prototype version of Dr. Mario, or Virus if you will.

Virus (1990): Found by a guy in California in mid 2008 while helping his friend to move. In July, 2008, it was sold to a Norwegian collector who then sold it to me. This build is from February 2, 1990.

Dr. Mario (1990): I bought this cartridge directly from a source in 2008. It was used to take screenshots for the Nintendo Power magazine.


Dr. Mario was eventually released in Japan at the end of July, 1990, and in the United States in October, 1990.

First-party Nintendo prototypes are very rare and hard to come by. This is an opportunity for you to own an important part of Nintendo history. These have not been publicly released. All three cartridges work flawlessly on the first try when popped into my American NES. I believe the owner should be free to do whatever they wish with things like these, so I will delete the backup files I made once the buyer receives the cartridges.

Donkey Kong Country 3 Prototype Description:
This auction is for an NTSC prototype of the Rare Ltd. title Donkey Kong Country 3 for the SNES. I bought it from a person in Great Britain a while ago.

Prototypes from Rare Ltd. are very rare and hard to come by. This is currently the only real prototype from the Donkey Kong Country series known to exist (as far as I know). I have privately backed up the game data, but I have not released the ROM publicly. I’ve been able to see that the game code differs from both the American, Japanese and European releases, but I have no idea what the differences correspond to. I’ve played the first few stages and have not been able to find anything, but the game is huge and I really don’t know what to look for. I believe the owner should be free to do whatever they wish with things like these, so I will delete the backup file I made once the buyer receives the prototype

Yoshi NES Prototype Description:
This auction is for a second-party NTSC prototype cartridge of Yoshi for the NES. I bought it from a former Nintendo of America employee a while ago. This prototype build is from November 1st, 1991, and is in Japanese.


Other Video Game Auctions:
Preorder Bonus Watch and Container from Zero Escape Virtue’s Last Reward – “You are bidding on a brand new exclusive Pre-Order Zero Escape Watch! This limited edition Watch was available only to people who pre-order Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward.Item was received in the mail today and has never been used. There is a crack in the plastic cover on the bottom of the case, but the watch and contents inside are still in brand new condition”
GTA 5 RARE KEY CHAIN SET – Full rare set of the new GTA 5 promo photo key chains. Even the rare purple key chain is included
Resident Evil 6 Promotional Promo Item – Cute little pins for Resident Evil 6. $15 a pop.
Secret of Mana RARE Soundtrack CD Hiroki Kikuta OOP 44 Track US Version – One of the best RPG soundtracks from the Super Nintendo. Definitely a hard find and especially since this is the US version I don’t see this CD ending below $60.
Final Fantasy IX MOOGLE Mog Figure Sculpture Toy RARE – This seller has been featured on VGA for a couple of times now. She/he always has create customized figures from various game series including Final Fantasy,. This is for a Mog Figure from FFIX.
Twisted Metal Sweet Tooth Ice Cream Truck PS3 Display Standee – These were selling like hot cakes before. Now the current bid on this is only $1.00! Bid before this one gets away!
Rare Atari 2600 Gamma-Attack reproduction, autographed – “Rare Atari 2600 Gamma-Attack reproduction, autographed by the developer with documents, good condition, tested and working”.
Launch Kit Box For Assassins Creed 3 III Collectors Chest Revolution – “Very cool cardboard box made to look like a wooden box. Pictures pretty much cover the descriptionÈ
Nintendo Game&Watch Super Mario signed by Miyamoto – Yes, the signature looks very off. Is it because Miyamoto was struggling to sign against the metal cover, or was he in a hurry? I am not sure, but I do know that you better do some research and ask for some pictures before bidding on the signed Game&Watch.
Professor Layton and the Last Specter Promo Hat Nintendo DS NYCC Comic Con – I can’t imagine come who LOVES the Professor Layton games not owning this hat. It’s cheap right now for $25!
PLUSH DOLL STREET FIGHTER II 2 Sagat Ryu Ken Balrog Honda Bison Guile Blanka UFO – Incredible plush lot of the complete Street Fighter II characters. Seller maybe should have put this up when the new Street fighter game for the PS3 came out.

CABBAGE PATCH KIDS Adventures In The Park Coleco Vision Colecovision
BLOCK Set Robot Brand New Famicom Nintendo HVC-BLS 1104afcc
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Night Vision Goggles with Stand Real Life Working – first time someone lists these goggles wearing them.
Metal Gear Konami Ga-Ko Plush 7.5″
Sega Sonic The Hedgehog 20th Memorial Pocket Watch Complete Set of 3

Good luck!

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Nintendo Prototypes, GTA 5 Keychain Set, Secret of Mana Soundtrack and More!

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