Nintendo Sales Brochures, McDonalds Sega Display, and SNES Lot

Ebay seller VintageVideoGameVendor has been around since late 2009 but oddly only has 216 feedback to date. If you take a look through the very hard to find promo items they have up right now, you will likely wonder how all of these items fell into the inventory of a single seller considering the age of the content. There’s probably a vendor link involved here from the 80’s but I haven’t contacted the seller myself yet. Here are just a few of the items up on auction from VintageVideoGameVendor as well as a few more interesting auctions thrown in (including a couple of auctions submitted by Joe C and Kaliy!).

Little Nemo Dream Master Proof Sheet – This proof sheet of the box art for Little Nemo has got to have a place in someone’s collection. The price isn’t bad really.

Super Mario Bros 3 Sales Brochure – Check this out! A pop-up brochure for Super Mario 3 😛 They knew they had something good from the start.

Super Mario Bros 2 Sales Brochure – Another brochure but this one pushes the US Super Mario 2. Gotta love the “Get a Jump on Sales” cover lol.

Capcom Sales Promo Kit – There’s a hidden gem of Nintendo history here and the seller knows it. This Capcom kit lists The Calafornia Raisins as an upcoming title. This game was actually cancelled. Kinda cool to see it in print.

Nintendo Gameboy Product Brochure – I remember when the Gameboy was a big deal and people were trading games all the time. This brochure really brings me back to those days where I would flip through a magazine looking for upcoming Gameboy titles.

Nintendo Merchandising Brochure – Turn on the power! lol… Wow, this is an interesting look at the store displays that got many gamers into the world of Nintendo. It’s a binder insert without extras, but still very cool. It’s in great shape but the price is high.

America’s Tuned In To Nintendo Sales Brochure – There’s quite a bit here to look through here. This promo set is a bit cheaper than the one linked above.

Famicom Basic Super Mario Guide – Here’s a guide to program Mario on the Famicom Basic program. If you don’t know what Famicom Basic is, check out this video…

Super Nintendo Lot – Here’s a very big SNES lot submitted by Joe C. I will soon begin regaining my SNES collection and this auction is exactly the kind of find I would start with. I’m not quite done with my NES collection yet, so I won’t bid… maybe… not sure.

Sega Rally Championship (N-Gage) – An uncommon game for an uncommon handheld submitted by Kaliy. It’s sealed too…

Kirby’s Dream Course Banner Sealed – The banner isn’t shown in any pictures because the shipping box is still sealed!

Super Mario Bros Wind Up Toy Boxed Assembly Kit – This is a Japanese import wind up toy. The kit is complete and untouched. At this price I would recommend leaving it in the box.

McDonalds Sega Mini Video Games Display – Here’s a McDonalds toy display from Sega which includes all 6 Mini handhelds attached! The price is decent.

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Nintendo Sales Brochures, McDonalds Sega Display, and SNES Lot

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