Nintendo Super Mario Fan, Nobuo Uematsu Signed, Resident Evil Billboard

Today’s post is filled with cool stuff. I’ve got a Nobuo Uematsu signed poster from his “Distant Worlds” tour, then I have a Gears of War Bloody lancer life size with box. Following that I have Life size little sister Bioshock statue from Germany and so on…

So let’s begin with the Super Mario Fan by Nintendo 1989. This fan will definitely keep you cool, will it make you look “cool” in front of your friends? That depends. It’s obviously used for a child’s room but hey… if you want to put it in your game room go ahead, I’m sure it would add a certain flavor to it. These go for about the price it’s at, $250. I posted a brand new fan a week ago. It was going for $3500 buy it now. That is a little high for a average collector. But for a used one I think the price is sufficient.

Next auction is for a Resident Evil Director’s Cut and Quake original Billboard display. Yeah these are cool… I can even go as far and say they’re pretty rare, but for 600 GBP(Pounds)?? With Christmas coming up I don’t know if anyone can afford it?(that $1000 US people) Don’t get me wrong, any R.E original collectible is worthy of taking into consideration but at this time of year I think it’s a matter of timing rather then price. I personally wouldn’t pay more then $300 US for the set. I’ve seen rarer Billboards start at $100 so I guess it’s a matter of opinion.

This Life Size Bioshock of Little Sister and big daddy is sure to scare off any burglar or intruder. At what cost? $2899.99 will guard your house, but this auction is only for Little sister, it is NOT for Big Daddy. For the game room this would look really nice in the corner. The statues height is 105 cm tall. It’s extremely detailed and made out of fiberglass. This has been up on eBay before along with many other creations by “Carbonchamber”. The seller currently has a Tomb Raider statue and Gothic 3 statue up. I know I’ve seen a “Link” statue by him, very nice indeed.

The next auction is a Gears of War full size Lancer toy with box. This would be one kick ass gift under the Christmas tree. It’s over 3 feet in length, makes noise and is pretty detailed. A toy for a child? Probably not. A toy for a full grown nerd? For sure. Now the question remains, do you put it on display or do you use it as part of a Halloween costume and risk getting it scratched and damaged? I’ll leave that up for you to decide.

Last auction for today is a Nobuo Uematsu autograph on a “Distant Worlds II” poster. The poster actually has two autographs. One by Nobuo(Composer of the FF pieces heard during the concert) and Arnie Roth(Conductor and performer). I think if Nobuo would be the composer that would be the ultimate kick ass Final Fantasy concert. I can just picture the Opera Scene from Final Fantasy VI an Nobuo playing to Celes’ entrance. A great deal for this autograph and it has a “best offer”!!.


Kenji Tetsuya

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Nintendo Super Mario Fan, Nobuo Uematsu Signed, Resident Evil Billboard

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