Nintendo World Championships 1990 Grey Cart with Trophy and more!

Good Saturday afternoon VGA readers. I have here a Nintendo World Championship 1990 Grey Cart on auction. Ya we’ve seen these pop up here and there… yes they’re rare but I’m not looking at the cart, I’m checking out the trophy! How super radical kick ass is that? I feel the power of the 90s surge through my body and pink and florescent yellow twist in front of me… ok not that crazy but still this is pretty awesome having an authentic NWC 1990 trophy. It’s the Kansas city champion over 18 event.

I could start talking about the history and all but I think my good friend Mike over at explains the Nintendo World Championships to a tee.

The price tag is decent considering what owners of a grey NWC cart usually charge. Still I’d only buy this if I won the lottery as that’s a lot of money. You can talk to your financial advisor about working on a payment plan for this Nintendo World Championship 1990 Grey cart with Trophy!

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  1. Wow….the NWC auction even has the trophy! How exciting! I’m with ya on that one Kenji, wish I was well off to afford something like this. It’s really not just about the cart, but the trophy. God it looks beautiful…

  2. You said it Bunny….the lucky 6/49 :). A guy that lives right next to me happened to win the lottery(5 Mil) and all he does is go to strip joints when little does he know THIS AUCTIONS UP!! hahaha

  3. Strippers? With 5 mil I’d have hollywood escorts but that’s a whooole different subject.

    For 6k as a starting bid it’s just too much. I literally cringe when I see a Sealed Stadium Events go for 42k. My god some people just have money on useless shit. Now if I was a millionaire and NES collecting was my hobby then ya for sure I’ bid on a few Cheetahmen, Stadium events and whatever else to have in my library of NES games.

    That trophy is a beauty… sure beats all my soccer trophies.

  4. Yeah if you are into collecting expensive nes things you would go for them I wouldn’t because i sold my nes and its games and accessories for 745$ and got me a japanese Wii on ebay. and you should try for the wash cloth not bad for under $3 so far in 2 bids and a day left to bid.

  5. Wasn’t tough for me. I’m trying to get rid of stuff and not be a packrat like my late uncle on my mom’s side, and now collecting other stuff like anime and manga and other things.

  6. I think this is quite a cheap price, or at worst a fair price considering it’s rarity. Did you see the Sega Genesis Blockbuster World Video Game Championships II cart that was posted on eBay earlier in the year at USD$50,000! Yes you read that correctly, it was up for $50K! Here’s what the description stated;

    “Sega Genesis Blockbuster World Championships II PROMO CONTEST GAME.

    This is as rare as they come and as real as it gets. It is not a bootleg/copy. It is the real deal. Less than 5 of these exist. Rarer than the Gold Nintendo World Championship cartridge, a complete in box Stadium Events and other impossible games to locate.

    This game is a contest cartridge containing different versions of Judge Dredd and NBA Jam. Similar to the Donkey Kong Country SNES Competition cartridge, but much rarer.

    I can’t recall the last time one of these was listed on eBay, but it has been a few years.”

    And I do have a photo of the item if needed, as I collect rare Sega games and game related items – purely as I cannot afford to collect the real thing(lol)! Although I do sell rare Sega items as a living, but I am sadly closing the business down due to the recession. But I will still endevour to find and sell rare items, like the Sega Master System II rare box-artwork variant that was officially released by Sega, but then it was withdrawn, and so not many found their way out to the general public, and how many where sold I have no idea! But it’s suffice to say that in the 9+ years I have been trading as a rare Sega games specialist I have never seen or found another. it’s just a pity I did not take scans of the box-artwork. But I do have photos of the game, just ask if you need any photos, as I am more than happy to share any of my rare pictures of the rare Sega items I have sold to date. Not found one of these or the Bockbuster ones at the right price so far, but there’s still time(lol)! I did get offered a Sega Mega Drive original Tetris, one of ony a few to survive. But I could not find the $5,000 I needed to buy at the time, even though I had a buyer lined-up with $15K for it.

    Nice site, and very intersting stuff. Keep up the good work!

  7. Hey Simplysega. Nice name! Thanks for the nice comment. For sure the NWC Grey cart auction is cheap compared to other successful NWC Grey carts success(one sold for 12k last week). This auction even has a flyer and trophy with the auction, and is a lot cheaper than the last NWC cart we’ve seen! Btw, funny you mention the Sega Genesis Blockbuster World Championships II cart, I believe that was one of the first things I’ve showcased on this site :). The way I see it, if you do have the money to buy these high class collector items, you are truly buying a piece of history!

Nintendo World Championships 1990 Grey Cart with Trophy and more!

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