NWC Gold Cart VGA Graded, Exertainment Mountain Bike Rally/ Speed Racer and More!

Good afternoon VGA readers. Boy do I have some crazy auctions for you today! I’ve got a couple of gems in here so I will have to feature two images on our feature bar which I don’t think has ever been done with one post. Is that significant? Not really, but thought I’d mention it. Enjoy!

Video Game Auctions:

1990 NWC Nintendo World Championships Gold Cart – Rated by VGA, now that is bad ass. I like how VGA took the board out, although…. what did they do with the original screws?

1990 NINTENDO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS Insider’s Guide – Quite pricey, but it is in mint condition.

CUSTOM COLORWARE, SIGNED FABLE II Xbox 360 – Hand signed by Peter Molyneux, the famous head of Lionhead Studios. The seller is always adding the game which is signed as well.

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim map Autographed – Signed by Bethesda Softworks Development team. “I am putting up for auction my Elder Scrolls V Skyrim map autographed by 37 members of the Development team at Bethesda Softworks. This is a prize possession of mine !!! But due to unfortunate circumstances my family really needs the money right now. I got this from my daughter for Christmas her 4th grade teacher is the wife of one of the lead programmers at Bethesda Softworks Jeff Sheiman.”

Metal Gear Solid Saga Vol. 1 DVD – Signed by Hideo, sure it’s always on eBay but this is $40!

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles Coverart SIGNED BY KOJI IGARASHI -Very nice, it’s signed by Koji Igarashi. It’s only $24.99 on auction, too low if you ask me. Signature is authentic, seen it a few times on eBay, I would put my job on the line that’s how sure I am.

GEARS OF WAR 3 LIMITED EDITION SIGNED COMIC CON POSTER 2011 – Signed by Cliffy, GOW posters are always cool to look at. Signed at San Diego Comic Con.

EarthBound Sealed – VGA graded 85+. Seller claims it’s the highest Earthbound grade to be seen on eBay. Does anyone agree or disagree?

Exertainment Mountain Bike Rally/ Speed RacerHoly cow ladies and gentleman, this is SUPER DUPER RARE! “This auction is for my copy of the insanely rare and unreleased copy of Life Fitness Mountain Bike Rally/ Speed Racer combo cart. The box is still factory sealed in fantastic condition other then a small rip in the cellophane in the lower left corner, visible in the picture. Hang tab intact with rear centerline shrink-wrap. No dents dings or sun fading on the box and it has been in a smoke free home for at least the 7 years I’ve owned it. From what I was told when purchasing the game this title came out of the Nintendo warehouse during a house cleaning of sorts where an employee bought a case of about 30 of these. I have no idea if that is true or not or how many copies still remain and are sealed. It is a home port of a game that used a special Super Nintendo and tv hooked to a exercise bike. There were fewer of these games made then the Nintendo World Championship Cart AND Stadium Events. This would make a great addition to a collection and a good investment.”

Wild Guns Sealed – Great game, pretty rare and even more rare being sealed. This game is the Cabal of the SNES.

Very RARE NES era 1988 Nintendo Super Mario Brothers Kite – Cool kite, too expensive… but hey, at least 10% of the final sale goes to charity…

Punch Out Trophy Set of 6 – Nice auction, really love these and they’re so vintage. I think $500 is a good price if you want them all. I say that from a collector’s perspective, not from a cost saving perspective. They don’t show up too much on eBay and in that condition with the box. $500 is pretty good.

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG first 4 figures 20TH ANNIVERSARY – This is number 604 / 900. Look at the price. Submitted by Niels (Thanks!)

Legend of Legaia Sealed – Not really rare but worth mentiong. Submitted by Apostolos (Thanks!)

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NWC Gold Cart VGA Graded, Exertainment Mountain Bike Rally/ Speed Racer and More!

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