More Clarity On Who The New Overwatch Hero Might Be

More Clarity On Who The New Overwatch Hero Might Be

The theory of a new hero coming soon, which was used as a basis in one of my articles, has recently received some big updates. Here we look at more details pertaining to the new hero.

Who’s out?

Over 2 months ago, YouTuber/Streamer ohnickel had a sit-down with Jeff Kaplan while playing the recent archive event Storm Rising. If you don’t know who Jeff Kaplan is, he’s the vice president of Blizzard Entertainment. During this time ohnickel had with Jeff, questions regarding new heroes where asked. While answering these questions, Jeff dropped that the two fan-favorite theorized heroes were not the next hero.

Both Echo and Sojourn, according to Jeff Kaplan, will not be our Hero #31. That said, fans of these heroes still remain optimistic since a lot can change in two months.

Overwatch Character Echo
Source: Blizzard

Another fun and relatively silly theory was dropped by Jeff right after; the theory of Jetpack Cat being our new hero. If you are unaware of who Jetpack Cat is, it’s a name used to describe a canceled hero. The hero concept was dropped because it was seen as taking things “too far”, even for Overwatch according to Jeff Kaplan.

In addition to it going “too far”, there was the issue of seeing its paws on the controls. Since then, we’ve had Hammond, another animal, who in first-person, visibly has his hands on the controls.

So I personally would rule out Jetpack Cat from never being a hero.

Jetpack Cat Overwatch Concept Hero

Here is a first-person perspective of Hammond’s hands on the controls:

first-person perspective of Hammond’s hands on the controls
Source: Blizzard

If you’d like to watch the full interview, follow this link:

Who’s in?

Now that we know who can’t be our new hero, the next question is; who could be Hero #31? The fan favorite theory is that Mauga will be our new hero. In case you don’t know who Mauga is, he’s a is a former friend of Baptiste and a Talon Heavy Assault unit that appears in the “What you left behind” short story. Mauga is a very likely candidate for becoming our new hero for two main reasons.

With the short story “What you left behind”, we get a lot of detail on who he is and what he does/did. A theory has been going around for a long time now that our next hero will be a tank, and a heavy assault unit is. As Reddit user DarkPenfold points out on a /r/Overwatch post titled “Hero 31 Speculation Thread”:

“You don’t introduce a named character and then go into great detail describing their looks, abilities, and weaponry in a short story (not to mention their relationship with an existing hero) unless they’re significant.”

If you’d like to read the twenty-two-page short story, here’s the link to the .pdf. Another hero we know a good bit about that fans speculate to be our new hero is Junker Queen. But as Reddit user, Komotoes pointed out: “We’ve been told [she’s] coming, and it’s been hinted that she might be a tank so that would fit the expected next’s role. But we have no idea how far through production she is.

Maxamillion and the mysterious omnic at the end of the Storm Rising event are also to potential heroes. However little is known about the omnic from Storm Rising and descriptions of future plans to do with Maxamillion sound like plans for the future, not the present. Some additional characters we know that fans like to toss around when mentioning hero 31 are:

  1. Emre Sarioglu: Link to a possible image of him, far left and crouched.
  2. Liao: Link to a possible image of them.
  3. Mama Hong: Link to an image of her.
  4. Nguyen:  Link to a possible image of him.

The speculated date where we might get our new hero is any time between June 28th and July 2nd, based on previously released summer heroes.

If you like viewing interesting hero concepts, I recommend checking out Aaron Rugama’s Blair Morgan character design.

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