Did the latest patch for Overwatch break the game?

Did the latest patch for Overwatch break the game
  • Since the last patch on August 13th, a significant number of players have been reporting imbalanced matchmaking and they seem to believe the new role queue is to blame.

Overwatch Patch

Unlike the last few patches, the new Overwatch Patch brought with it a lot of changes. For a full rundown of the latest patch, check my previous article. Although it made changes to heroes, maps, and fixed some major bugs, it didn’t really touch matchmaking or competitive play directly; two topics that are very popular within the Overwatch community.

However, because this new patch, it brought in the long-awaited role queue; matchmaking was inevitably altered.

Role Queue

Role Queue is an update to Overwatch’s matchmaking and queuing system that gives players the power to choose which role they play in games. With their choices being tank, support, or dps (Damage Per Second). The matchmaking system will then create a team that is comprised of two tanks, two supports, and two damage heroes. Upon entering the match, players select heroes to play within their chosen roles. In Competitive Play, players choose their role before finding a game. At the end of a match, competitive players will return to the main menu and select their role before queuing into their next game.

For a more detailed explanation, check out their blog post.

For many, role queue was a blessing as it meant that players would soon be able to play proper balanced games. At the r/Overwatch subreddit, whenever role queue was discussed there, little to no players were complaining about role queue when it was announced. However, since a series of bugs/issues have been reported in matchmaking the majority opinion may have changed. So what exactly are the issues Overwatch players are facing with matchmaking?

Problems with Matchmaking

For the most part, the issues with matchmaking at the moment seem to be about imbalance, which is why role queue was created. It was a promise to players that matchmaking would eventually be fixed by its addition. But, that didn’t happen, and the community isn’t too happy about it.

Players like Reddit user failoutboy have reported that although they are a high silver they have been matched against high plats and even masters. The following has been taken from failoutboy’s post on r/Overwatch titled “Is matchmaking weird for everyone else?”:

  • “I’m high silver (haha funny yes i’m bad) and every game I’ve had so far from the recent patch has been terrible. I haven’t played comp much but everywhere else (qp and arcade) i’ve been put against high plat and even a masters last game. is this happening for everyone else or am i just getting incredibly unlucky? it’s really annoying getting rolled every game despite having a decent comp. yeah i’m bad and stuff but playing against a team of a good 1-1.5k SR high above me isn’t just something i can push through, it’s annoying. I’ll just get good i guess, this is more of a Silver rant i guess. I don’t have enough time to put into the game to just not be silver (and i’m fine w being silver) but i’d like to at least enjoy the game.” -u/failoutboy
  • “Yeah, I’m high masters and getting put with plats in comp or low diamonds, I don’t think I’ve had one well balanced game. Most of my games are late at night, but even between 1-4 EST they’ve been bad.” -u/KarelinToss
  • “Im mid diamond and ive played against top 500 players in comp and master players, idk whats wrong with matchmaking right now.” -u/Trihard127
  • “I’ve been losing more and more in while solo queuing. Many matches have felt unbalanced. Usually my team is disorganized with a ton of lone wolves against teams that have coordination you’d expect to see with a well established six stack.”  -u/ccpratt

In this very same post, you can even find comments that show the shift in the majority’s opinion on role queue.

  • “I love role queue a lot but i am not having a fun time.” -u/failoutboy

One user on Twitter pointed out that Role Queue was made because people requested it. But now since it’s implemented players are only complaning:

Matchmaking is very imbalanced

Failoutboy’s is far from the only post on r/Overwatch where players have been venting their issues with matchmaking. Here’s another tank player who shared his opinion in the community:

“I’m a 3250 rated tank player, and today alone I’ve gotten four games with massively imbalanced teams. I’ve had three where I’m with all 2600 rated players a game where we had a masters player. With the influx of players due to RQ we shouldn’t be having issues like this at all. It’s effectively deciding games before you even pick your hero, and it’s beginning to become unfun. I’ve been having this problem the entirety of the beta.”   -u/adnauseumdude

Ramartin95 also pointed out that competitive matching has been completely lopsided, and he gave specifics about the level of players in the game, what he’s failed to accomplish, and how some players joining the server have better dps.

How the Overwatch team over Blizzard HQ will deal with this issue is unknown. Hopefully players can the dreamed role queue and have proper balance matchmaking. But with Overwatch, that might be too much to ask.

Jeff Kaplan Explains Role Queue

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