Is Overwatch’s New Patch The Worst One Yet?

Is Overwatch’s New Patch The Worst One Yet
Source: Blizzard

The new Patch for Overwatch was rolled out recently, and so far it has brought more harm than good to the game.

Overwatch Patch

In comparison to the last few patches the game has received, this one is by far the largest. The patch brought updates to heroes, game modes, the workshop, and fixed some major bugs. The biggest game-changer was the Hero Updates. Let’s take a closer look at the changes



  • Heal ammo increased to 12.
  • Ultimate duration increased to 10 seconds.


  • Reduced length of Defense Matrix to 10 meters.


  • Primary fire recovery reduced to 0.42 seconds.


  • Barrier can be deployed without interrupting reload.


  • Teleporter interact range increased to 1.5 meters.


  • Secondary Fire damage per pellet reduced to 10.5.

The hero update being talked about the most by players seems to be McCree. Most players see this update as a frustrating nuisance. One user at Overwatch‘s Reddit page said:

“Seriously. At least 50% of my games have 4 Mccrees, and their crazy fast shooting, the incredibly OP flashbang, and right-click-to-win nature means that DM isn’t as fun as it normally is. Not to mention the lack of a non-comp DM mode to warm up in. The decision to have the DM comp season now was destined to be horrible.”   -u/Thanatosst

Moreover, another user said “I agree. Where some heroes had a chance of winning in deathmatch, a couple of McCrees nullify that entirely now. Top for is now almost always him, especially at higher Sr levels.” In addition to the updates and bug fixes, it also brought a brand new feature called Replays.

Despite the patch fxing some lingering bugs that players have been experiencing, it seemingly brought a new batch of game breaking issues.

The Infestation

Every patch seems to bring its own batch of bugs along with its repairs from the last. But most often, these bugs are not large enough that the official Blizzard Americas Twitter must tweet a response. These two issues had to do with adorable little hamster Hammond and mass server issues. Here’s a tweet from Blizzard about the issue:

According to the patch notes, Hammond was not touched during the update, but his ult seemed to get significantly more powerful. According to comments left on Reddit by user Linkyop_Official’s post on r/Overwatch, the bug only occurred on Xbox and when Hammond and another hero used there ults one after the other. To make matters worse for Xbox players, when the tweet regarding Hammond came out, Xbox One had some major sign-in issues. Here’s a tweet from Blizzard regarding the server issues:

Server Issues

Over the last few weeks, Blizzard has had its fair share of server issues. It would even be fair to say that this issue was not a surprise. Some fans like @sleepy_inu on Twitter have made some speculations that a recent firing of employees is the root of these issues.

Nevertheless, no matter how bad the server issues were, maintenance was performed almost right away.

Besides those two major bugs, there are several others that Blizzard has yet to tweet about. One of these issues was a complete solo queued competitive deathmatch match. The following are comments from one player on Reddit talking about the solo queued issue:

  • I got queued into the new Comp FFA all alone, by myself for the whole match. I couldn’t leave or I’d be penalized for it, just like a regular game. I even got SR at the end of it, it was very strange.” -u/DamnCarlSucks
  • It was cool except for the fact that I had to noodle around every fifteen seconds just to not get kicked. Very bizarre experience. In other games, I’ve been queued with only two people. Blizzard’s still ironing out the kinks here I guess.” -u/DamnCarlSucks

In response to a question asking if he won the game after the time ran out, DamnCarlSucks had this to say:

Nah, I didn’t even get play of the game.”

Here’s an image acting as proof of his solo queue:

solo queue bug Overwatch Reddit
Source: Reddit

Another notable issue experienced by players was the complete lack of hit marker identification.

I am having an issue with the new patch that was just released. I occasionally do not hear and see the marker when I do damage to someone. Is this happening to anyone else? It is off putting as I can’t tell if I do damage at times.”   -u/OmegaRebirth

The r/Overwatch is currently filled with reports from players experiencing issues caused by the recent patch. Hopefully, we will get another update or a more thorough maintenance check to eradicate these bugs.

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