Overwatch Competitive Play Just Got A Whole Lot Worse. Here’s why

Overwatch Competitive Play Just Got A Whole Lot Worse. Here’s why
Source: Blizzard

Since the last patch, Overwatch’s competitive play has been experiencing some major bugs that have players annoyed beyond belief. Let’s take a closer look at these claims.

What is Competitive Play?

First let’s start with the basics and explain what Competitive Play is, which is also known as Comp. Competitive Play is the ranked version of Overwatch’s Play Mode. In Comp, players stay together as a team for a full attack/defense rotation. Comp consists of Escort maps, Assault maps, Hybrid maps, and Control maps.

1). Escort maps:

  • The attacking team which escorts the payload the farthest wins.
  • If both teams don’t reach their destination, the match ends in a draw.
  • If both teams do reach their destination, a new rotation is played using the time bank rules.

2). Assault maps:

  • The attacking team which captures the most control points and/or makes the most progress on capturing a control point wins.
  • If both teams don’t reach at least 33.3% on the same control point, the match ends in a draw.
  • If both teams capture both control points, time bank rules are used.

3). Hybrid maps:

  • They are a combination of the two game modes, Assault and Escort.
  • The rules for both Assault and Escort maps apply.
4). Control maps:
  • Two teams fight over a series of objective areas in a best-of-three format.
  • There is no specific attacking or defending teams like in the other game modes.
Skill Rating

After every match of Comp, you gain or lose something called SR (Skill Rating). What SR you gain or lose is based on how you did during the match. This SR all gets added up to your tier as you play. There are eight different tiers to obtain during each season.

Overwatch Competitive Skill Rating Esports
Source: Blizzard

For more info on how Comp works, follow this link.

The Issues

Since PATCH on May 21st, players have been reporting strange issues with Competitive play. The primary issue facing players in Competitive Play at the moment has to do with SR gain. Many people were quick to dismay the issue as simply part of a system in place. Players like Reddit user forthelolz99, who experienced a low gain in SR, were told it’s just part of the SR system.

Forthelolz99’s problem posted on r/Overwatch and titled “Gaining 4 sr per match”:

Hey guys so I started comp today with a friend we were both 2200 sr in the beginning. I mostly play reaper and flex when needed and he plays Dva. After some matches that we won it would show for example that I’m going from 2180 to like 2204, for example, this giving me only 4 sr when I wasn’t 2180. I’m on fire most of the game and I always have gold eliminations and damage so I’m really confused. Then when I lose I lose like 20 sr which is normal. We started both at 2200 and played with each other all day winning a couple and losing a couple at the end of the day he was 2300 and I was 2180. I am so confused.

The following is a comment taken from forthelolz99’s post:

They believe you are right around your overall sr. The only way to combat this is to play a less utilized hero and win with them. Basically, the game is comparing your overall reaper play, to that of all other reapers, and it believes you’re at your peak. So any wins will only slightly raise it. It’s a serious problem with their ranking system. Used to have a method that after 5 wins of the 4 sr, you’d get a win streak bonus and it would give you big gains. The best advice is to find a hero people don’t care for, practice on them and use them. Or the other option is to start a fresh account ‘smurf’ and sail up in rank.”   -u/SuperGlueNinja

We know this isn’t normal because as Reddit user modernmongeese points out:

Sr was actually glitched [out] yesterday. Lots of people talking about games not giving sr or showing them as | ranked when they were ranked, so maybe it was just a weird bug. Gaining 4sr is really really strange, I would try again today before you do anything drastic.

Some players aren’t lucky as forthelolz99, and don’t get any SR at all.

Players like Rocket-Punch experienced a complete lack of SR gain, tier gain, and loss of placement matches.

There was no mention if these issues will be corrected on any of Blizzards social channels, but it’s creating quite a storm in the Overwatch community. Blizzard needs to figure out a solution asap.

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