Overwatch Summer Games Of 2019 And Developer Update

Overwatch Summer Games of 2019

On July 11th, a new Developer update was posted to the Overwatch YouTube channel which shared very little detail on this year’s summer games, subsequently leaving players to speculate.

Overwatch Summer Games of 2019

July 2019 Developer Update

For many players, developer updates are crucial to making the game feel alive. It means that the staff are still working on fixing issues and still desire new players. The timing of this particular dev update, although out of sync with their normal schedule, seems carefully planned.

Prior to the video’s release, many concerned fans took to r/Overwatch to discuss the lack of updates. For some, these dev updates don’t even need any really significant information.

One user on the Overwatch Reddit page said:

“Basically no character teasers or anything else hinting at new content has dropped and we are in the second week of July. There is nothing wrong with the game but for some reason we are being left with long periods of nothing but scraps to look to for information and very little actual delivery. Please, if we are not getting anything this month just come out and say “we are working on big stuff for next month” or “the cool stuff is taking a little longer to develop” than to let people hold out hope for something that might not even be planned.”

In the comments of cydon1999’s post, many noted that even the official Overwatch twitter was a bit out of date:

“Aside from a single Retweet, they haven’t posted anything on Twitter in 6 days. The Baptiste skin event is still pinned on their Twitter, too. They must be working pretty hard on something”   -u/PlsDontNerfThis

Overwatch Reunion Challenge In-Game Rewards
Source: Blizzard

Most fans speculate that the lack of updates is due to them working on something for the summer games event.

The Summer Games

The summer games event is one event which often divides the player base. Half of the user base really enjoy it, while the other half not so much. The distaste for the summer games is often justified as its formula hasn’t really changed. The most controversial portion of the summer games is Lucioball.

In the same post from cydon1999 on the Overwatch Reddit page, many players took to the comments to discuss their opinions on Lucioball.

  • “When I first played it the first year it was great. Felt fine speed wise too. Then I tried out rocket league, and even though I don’t play that game much, Lucio ball felt like such a slog fest after trying RL out.”   -u/Farler
  • “It’s weird because I felt that every speed you could achieve in Lucioball was wrong. Base speed is too slow to keep up with the ball, the ultimate was too fast to control. Wall riding speed was decent but was too out of the way to be useful. The ability is almost there but is too short to be very useful. Not to mention how impossible it is for any speed to be effective as a goalie.”-u/GoldenGuy444
  • “While I do enjoy Lucioball it does suck that its the only mini game they have put in for 3 straight years.”   -u/mrev1dence

Even for those who enjoy Lucioball, they would like something different for a change. In the developer update, Jeff Kaplan stated that the summer games event would be coming early This has seemed to make most believe that there won’t be any new game modes. However, Jeff also said we would be getting some new challenges like that with Baptiste.

If you’re unfamiliar with these challenges here’s a quick run down:

  • Players must win a given amount of games in order to unlock neat sprays, emotes, and or skins.

Another example of these challenges besides Baptiste’s is Dva’s Nano Cola challenge from last year.

Overwatch Challenges Nano Cola D.Va's In-game rewards
Source: Blizzard

Since the release of the dev update, it has been getting a decent amount of hate for its simplicity and lack of information.

Some players took to defending the update video, stating that players who ask for updates and then don’t get what they want are cry babies. In addition to that, major core updates take time to develop, and Blizzard just won’t come out with updates if there’s nothing concrete to display. Nevertheless, we can expect some new challenges along with an early release of this year’s summer games very soon.

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