The Roller Coaster That Is Patch[Overwatch]

The Roller Coaster That Is Patch[Overwatch]

Since PATCH rolled out on July 2nd, players have been experiencing a bizarre collection of bugs ranging from relatively good, to game breaking, all within the span of a few days.

The Roller Coaster That Is Patch

Most patches like fly under the radar for players. In comparison to the last patch, it’s nothing. Patch changed the following:


1). General

  • Workshop: Fixed the “Disable Built-In Game Mode Respawning” and “Set Respawn Max Time” actions.
  • Replays: Added Replay key binding options

2). Heroes

  • Baptiste: Fixed a bug where Baptiste’s Amplification Matrix was not boosting healing effects.

In comparison, the previous patch brought changes to heroes, the workshop, game modes, and a new feature. Just looking at the notes makes most players regard it as unimportant and assume it won’t make too many changes to the game. How wrong those assumptions were.

The Climb

In the beginning, the bugs that arose from the recent patch where relatively decent. The first bug was quick queue time. Some players posted at the Overwatch subreddit saying, “Anyone else finding games very quickly since the latest patch?”  and “What’s up with the instant que’s?”. Both these players noted that:

  • [I] used to have to wait around 5 minutes for a match but now I’m finding matches within seconds.”   -u/l19simpl
  • [F]or every game mode I’ve been getting instant [queues] when before I’d wait an average of 1.5 minutes for any game, even quickplay.”   -u/Xxcodnoobslayer69xX

Then soon after another bug was discovered. The following is taken from aceofspadesx1’s post on r/Overwatch titled “[Bug] We are now able to spectate friends during competitive games”:

“After the new patch last night I tried to join my friends and received the standard “unable to join group…” message as they were in Competitive (on Rialto fwiw). Having no patience at all, I clicked to join again about 5 seconds later and was brought into their group. Upon joining the game, I was able to shot call and to jump from 3rd/1st person perspectives of all their teammates. I initially thought that they had finished comp and when into quickplay, but it was definitely comp. Seems like an unfair advantage that should be patched out. 3rd person and being able to rotate character viewpoints meant I gave them a massive intel advantage. Not to mention the fact that I wasn’t playing so tracking enemy ults was easy.” -u/aceofspadesx1

The Fall

Soon after the discovery of quick queue times, players in groups discovered another issue. Players like Reddit user Mooseman06 even had problems with groups as small as two. The following is taken from Mooseman06’s post from r/Overwatch titled “Anybody else having trouble joining matches as a group?”:

  • Last night my cousin and I were trying to play together and whenever we found a match he would join the game but I wouldn’t. I had no trouble joining a game without him, it was only when we were in a [group].”   -u/Mooseman06

Besides the group queue issue, there was a mass fps drop in games for some players.  Some players like ab5olutelyma55ive took to Reddit to ask for help:

  • I run OW on the lowest settings possible apart from 100% render, and I used to get around 250fps (I play 240hz/1080p). Since the last patch I have been sitting around 130fps consistently. Any suggestions as to why, or how to fix it? Ryzen 2600, RX 580. Thanks :)”

In addition to fps dropping, GPU temperatures for some players were also affected. The following has been taken from Reddit user 0Antisaint0’s post on r/Overwatch titled “High GPU temps after new update?”:

  • I’m getting high temps every time i play overwatch, and this was right after the new update. I play other graphic intensive games such as witcher 3 and far cry 5 that run under 65c, Overwatch goes upto almost 70c now. Used to be under 60 all the time.”   -u/0Antisaint0
The Crash

One day after the release of patch players like Reddit user BROlympic_OW noticed and report the incredibly unstable nature of the servers.

  • “I’ve had 6 games within the past 3 hours where I will get through an entire match and disconnect within the last 15 seconds. It’s not every other game but it’s ALWAYS at the end, not sure if it’s a bug or something as the internet doesn’t disconnect. I’ve seen other issues posted here tonight so hopefully, I can help save a loss on your placement/SR. I’m salty but hopefully you don’t have to be lol.

Just going to add this from my comment below Additional issues found through forums:

  • Groupchat/Voice chat impossible to join.
  • Granted instant loss (-50SR and Penalty) upon queuing for Comp.
  • Queue times exceeding 45 minutes.
  • ISPs Routed to different servers for New Zealand.
  • Disconnects within the last 15 seconds of matches (Consistently and regardless of Overtime).
  • Queuing into competitive matches with ‘Not Enough Players”

Luckily blizzard made an official statement on the forums. However, the issue for some players still remains. Hopefully, the next patch will be less of a roller coaster of emotions for players.

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