Unexpected Error Hits Overwatch’s Hollywood Map

Unexpected Error Hits Overwatch's Hollywood Map
Source: Blizzard

Along with numerous other bugs, the Overwatch map, Hollywood, has been causing a serious number of issues in the EU servers.

The Stage

Although plagued by bugs currently, Hollywood is actually one of the originals. The map was originally teased back in October of 2015 through a tweet by @PlayOverwatch. The tweet in question:

Then on November 6, 2015, it was announced and added to the closed beta on November 9th. Like Blizzard World and Numbani, Hollywood is a hybrid map. Meaning it’s a combination of both game modes, Assault and Escort. The official description of the map taken from the “Overwatch Visual Source Book”, is the following:

“Welcome to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, California, where palm trees and fancy cars line the streets, and movie stars, directors, and high-powered studio executives rub shoulders for a chat and a drink at Galand’s. Down the street from the Mandarin Theatre, Goldshire Studios’ omnic film auteur, HAL-Fred Glitchbot, has created his two latest films, They Come from Beyond the Moon and Six-Gun Killer, to varying amounts of critical and commercial acclaim. However, even Tinseltown has been gripped by anti-omnic sentiment, and the outspoken director has become a prime target in the escalating conflict.”

Like many of the maps, there is a lot of hidden “Easter Eggs” to be found within it. For instance, Hal-Fred Glitchbot’s voice line “Jesse McCree? That’s a terrible name for a cowboy.” is supposedly a reference to the 2000 film Shanghai Noon. With its many “Easter Eggs” and colorful stylized visuals, Hollywood is fan favorite.

360 Video of the map (use your mouse to move the screen):

For more info, click this link: https://overwatch.gamepedia.com/Hollywood

The Main Issue of the Hollywood Map

Although the map got a skin variant during the Halloween Terror event in 2016, the issues seem to be only about the original version.

360 Video of the Halloween version:

The supposed bug is a big one, upon loading the map the server just closes. Players in the Reddit community, gishygish, Skylark985, and thewildslayer, who have all experienced this issue, have something else in common. All three of them seem to be playing on the EU servers. Some people have been lucky enough to just have to sit through one reload to be able to play again, but most have not.

The following comments are taken from the Reddit user gishygish’ post on r/Overwatch titled “Hollywood Map, Server Closing to Unexpected Error”:

  • “Yeah, i’ve got that crap today too. Server has restarted 3 times in a row.” -u/SuperGlix
  • “Same. Over 10 times in a row before I gave up.” -u/USERNAME_FORGOTTEN

This issue is one that needs to be fixed soon for one primary reason. Because Hollywood is one of the original maps and is playable in the Casual play mode, new players based in the EU will most certainly encounter this problem at least once. Due to the fact that Overwatch is an older game, annoying/losing new players is 100% not what they need to keep the game and it’s community alive.

New week, New Set of Issues

Along with Hollywood’s problems, some newer issues surrounding basic connection have arisen. Reddit Users like deimosXdeimos, Averli, Benjiizus, LadyCrownGuard, and many others lost a complete connection to the Overwatch servers. Many believe these connection issues are caused by the internet, but, like Averli has discovered, that is most likely not the case. The following comment has been taken from Reddit user deimosXdeimos’ post on r/Overwatch titled “Lost connection to game server all the time”:

“My game does this when someone else is using a lot of the internet. Though my mbps is super small. If you have stable internet I don’t know what the problem could be. Maybe the Blizzard server you’re connecting to is having issues? You could try checking here to see if anyone else is having problems at the same time and/or in your area. There was maintenance on the servers yesterday (June 5th at 7am PDT) I believe. The issue is happening today though?

I’m having a slightly similar problem. I’ve been losing connection at game endings or PotG 99% of the time the past month or so. Everyone begins rubber-banding when the game ends and my ping climbs ridiculously high. Like 300+. The highest I’ve seen is 12,000. This losing connection thing happens for a month or so, then stops for a month, then starts again. It’s been happening probably since I started playing back in December 2017 (though it’s been happening more lately. I don’t recall having this issue as often then) and I still have no idea what exactly is causing it. It isn’t consistent/there isn’t a pattern so I don’t think it’s my internet. My internet is the same as it’s always been.”

Hopefully, we will see these issues fixed soon or else the player count will suffer.

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