Who Is The New Overwatch Hero 31?

Who Is The New Overwatch Hero 31

A new tank hero was announced recently for Overwatch, and the new character will be coming soon in the form of an origin story posted on the official Overwatch YouTube channel.

Who is Sigma?

Sigma was once a brilliant astrophysicist by the named Dr. Siebren de Kuiper. His life’s work was to devise a way to harness the power of gravity. Work which was primarily conducted in his lab in The Hague, a city on the North Sea coast of the Netherlands.

However, he performed his most important experiment on an international space station. This particular experiment went wrong and caused Sigma to become deranged as well as gain powers. The experiment created a small black hole, a black hole which Sigma was only exposed to for a moment. Upon returning to earth, Sigma was detained quarantined in a secret government facility. Several years later, Talon discovered Sigma’s whereabouts and set out to free with the intentions of using him as a weapon.

Although he is under Talon’s control, players believe that he may be attempting to break free or is not fully under their control. Sigma’s full 45-second long highlight animation is the basis of this idea. Where he seems to look away at something fearfully before gaining his composure.

Sigma’s full Highlight intro animation, including fear? at end (45 seconds) from r/Overwatch

How exactly the experiment went wrong, how the black hole affected him, why the name Sigma, are all relatively unknown. However, fans have created some really interesting theories that may very well be right.

Fan Theories

The most popular theory within the community is about what caused Sigma to go insane. The following theory was taken from Reddit user FyrsaRS’ post on r/Overwatch titled “[Theory] The Cause of Sigma’s Insanity”:

“As shown in his origin story,’ […] ‘he managed to briefly create a black hole.’ But why would being exposed to a black hole cause psychological damage?’ The closer you get to a black hole, the slower time progresses.’ The closer you get, the greater the rate at which time slows down.’ Since a black hole is a point in space that is infinitely dense, the event horizon is where time moves infinitely slow.’As we can see in his origin story, Sigma was exposed to such a black hole.’ […] ‘We can see him being distorted and torn apart by the gravitational field, but with the space station being left intact.’ The result? Different parts of Sigma’s brain would have been affected to different extents. Regions further away from the black hole could have been functioning several times faster, if not countless orders of magnitude faster than areas closer to the black hole.’ […] In what we would perceive to be a fraction of a second, part of Sigma’s mind could have been aware for nearly infinitely more time than the other.’ […] ‘Perhaps he has a single consciousness, perceiving regular time, while having the understanding that comes from witnessing eternity.”

Another theory that explains the insanity also explains the “melody” heard by Sigma. The following is a comment left by a Reddit user named Boa_Noah on the same post:

I personally ascribe that his multiple personalities are a defense mechanism and when he was exposed to the black hole he experienced not only fragmented eternity but also the multiverse, which is something Blizzard likes to toy around with. In that one brief moment when the black hole affected him, he was exposed to infinity’ […] ‘and this overflow of information caused the split. His core personality was so overwhelmed with information that it could not function and much like a broken hard drive could be isolated so too was his mind, locked off from the others to keep the ‘poison’ of eternity from spreading.

The Story Of Sigma Overwatch New Character
Source: Blizzard

In turn, the other personalities are aware of what happened but do not possess the memories, they do not know what seeing the infinite multiverse is like they just know that it exists and it’s out there, coupled with his keen intellect and it’s easy to see why they are the way they are. The evil one no doubt knows the futility of existence’ […] What do morals mean to a scientist who knows nothing matters? The melody is merely his core personality struggling to fathom the immensity of what it has experienced, a billion trillion universes starting and ending over and over again, there is no way he could possibly recall every moment of it. So he remembers it as a sound, a song without meaning, beginning, or an ending.

This is also my personal favorite theory so far, as it seems like a story ripped from a movie/book series. These are just the two biggest, but there are many more. Some smaller theories include:

  • [M]aybe he was listening to music during the experiment and hearing the same music for eternity would probably drive him insane.” -u/trickyturtle777
  • Talon is using a melody/song to help mind control him.” -u/Bhu124
  • [T]he blackhole [was] a gateway to the multiverse and Sigma’s mind now [houses] a bunch of Siebrens, some more malicious than others, hence the nickname “the Sum of All” a.k.a Sigma.” -u/SumEkkoMain

This new hero and the lack of information on him, has seemed to create a new spark in the fans. The introduction of Sigma may very well bring with it a whole new wave of players.

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