Perfect Dark Sunglasses, Sonic the Hedgehog 10th Anniversary Wine Glass Signed by Yuji Naka & Iizuka SEGA and More!

This is a Sonic the Hedgehog 10th Anniversary Wine Glass given only to SEGA employees after the release of Sonic Adventure 2 on the 23rd of June 2001. It is signed by the creator of Sonic legends Yuji Naka and Takashi Iizuka. This is the equivalent to having Miyamoto and Koji Kondo sign a collectible. In my opinion this is an extremely rare collectible and hard to put a price on it. If it were me I wouldn’t sell it but people need the money. Any Sega collector has to be a Sonic collector and NEEDS this in his or her collection. I appreciate what Sega has done for the video game industry and this is pretty exciting, having an opportunity to bid on this. Not sure how many of you can afford the asking price but we’ll see how this plays along. Here’s what the seller has in the description:

The History:

Here it is Sonic collectors, THE Holy Grail that all serious Sonic collectors are clamoring to get their hands on: The 10th Anniversary Wine Glass.This would make the perfect Christmas gift for any Sonic collector you know this holiday season. I am sure you are all familiar with the various 10th Anniversary items, all of which are very rare in their own right, such as the Crystal cube, Statue, Ring, etc. The Wine Glass however has always been known as the rarest of the bunch.

The reason for that is because it was never officially released to the public. This was only given to Sega employees in Japan back in 2001 to celebrate Sonic’s 10th birthday. This is so rare that only two or three collectors have ever publicly come forward to share their ownership of this piece. Not only that, but it is hand signed and dated by Yuji Naka and Takashi Iizuka back in June 24th, 2001. Now is your chance to own this incredibly rare piece of Sonic history and be one of the few who can say they truly own the Holy Grail of Sonic the Hedgehog collectibles.

The Condition:
(I have included 12 pictures for this auction. Please view and zoom in on them by mousing over the pictures and using the scroll bar to view all 12)
The Wine Glass itself features an ENGRAVED 10th Anniversary logo in the glass. There are no cracks or scratches or any of the like. The box inside has a silk-like blue material inside that serves as the backdrop of the glass, it has a stain of some sort in the upper left portion of this material, but is not very noticeable.

The box itself contains no dents, tears, rips, or anything major like that. It does however have some areas of minor discoloration around the edges, but overall the box is in very good condition. The front of the box shows no problems with the gold emblem or signatures.

I am marking this item as “used” condition simply because it is not mint and it is nearly 12 years old now. It is definitely in collectors condition and would look excellent in a glass display case with the rest of your collection.

Included is the CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY on a high quality card stock. Inside is writing in Japanese with a note from Yuji Naka. You also receive the cardboard slip case that goes over the box to protect/store it.

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Good luck!

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Perfect Dark Sunglasses, Sonic the Hedgehog 10th Anniversary Wine Glass Signed by Yuji Naka & Iizuka SEGA and More!

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