PopCap Games Charity Art Auctions

Bring home an exclusive piece of PopCap history for your own home and help out these great charities

Based out of Seattle, PopCap Games is a video game developer and publisher. For those who were able to download such games as Plants Vs Zombies can see that they are not your typical kind of gaming company which many instantly become fans of. Well, you’ll be happy to know that PopCap Games is currently running their Charity Art Auctions on eBay where 100% of the final proceeds will go to benefit the Starlight Children’s Foundation(U.S) and SpecialEffect(U.K). Both charities are aimed at helping out children with who are very ill and disabled. A generous act for a great cause.

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The PopCap will be running their auctions for four weeks(till July 12th), each week having around 9 unique, one-of-a-kind collectible.These collectibles will range from game-themed ceramic sets such as their Peggle ceramic sake set; original concept sketches, painting and and personalized sketches which seems to be the hottest auction right now.So you can see that the Charity Auctions are focusing more on PopCap’s original artworks rather than limited edition merchandise as we normally see with past charity auctions. The sketches are done by lead artist of Plant vs. Zombie Rich Werner, and Erin Middendorf of Zuma Blitz.

We will periodically post their next waves of auctions here so that no one misses a beat. This is a great chance for any of you who enjoyed their games and the characters that followed. The items being auctioned off will definitely be great collector pieces with resale value. Here are the current auctions from PopCap Games:

Plants vs. Zombies Dr. Zomboss concept art – “Originally, Rich Werner, lead artist on Plants vs. Zombies was going to make this guy a giant cyborg zombie. Sort of a real zombie with mechanical parts showing under the skin, but that turned out to look kind of gross so he went full on robot with The Dr. inside his head. This never before seen 22″ x 13″ digital reproduction on wood and the Dr. himself is somewhat inspired by this bad guy character from the Incredible Hulk comic books called “The Leader.”
Zuma Blitz Hot Frog print on canvas -“In this 11″ x 8″ digital reproduction on canvas, created by PopCap artist Erin Middendorf, the red Zuma Blitz Hot Frog gets players powered up. Erin’s inspiration came from Mesoamerican designs, and pictures of magma. She feels like he’s a fired-up Speedy Gonzales-ized version of the normal Zuma frog. Ole! The accompanying frogs are concepts for the Level 80 frog.”
PopCap Games Personalized Sketch #1 – “Ever dreamt of creating your own zombie from Plants vs. Zombies? Have you always had a cool idea for a new Peggle character? What about a gem that you personally created for Bejeweled? Well, here’s your chance. If you’re the winning bidder of this auction, you’ll get to work with an artist at PopCap Games to create your very own personalized sketch to be done post-auction from the game of your choice!”
Plants vs. Zombies Miner Zombie sketch – “In this 15″ x 13″ blue line pencil drawing on bristol board by Plants vs. Zombies lead artist Rich Werner, the Miner Zombie is examined up close and personal. The Miner Zombie came about as the team felt they needed to have a zombie of some sort that could make it across the game board without getting touched by any plants and then start eating his way backwards. Game creator George Fan had this Idea of the lump of dirt moving across like Bugs Bunny and then thought up the idea of making it a Miner so we could show the pick axe digging across the board.”
Peggle Characters concept sketch – “In this 15” x 13” drawing we have some of the earliest designs for the Peggle characters as they might appear in Peggle Nights. Bjorn “the undercover” unicorn was the first thought Matt Holmberg, PopCap artist, had and he ended up exactly as he was initially drawn up here. Jimmy lightning, the skateboard riding, fun loving and easy going fella with dreams of being a renowned scientist ended up exactly as we had originally thought him up. Tula is a Flower, who didn’t get around much. Matt thought she would daydream of being a world traveler and seeing the sights and scenes of the world. He thought she could bounce along in a pot of soil, but we ultimately just gave her some leafy little feet. Kat tut, Egyptian king might yearn for a death defying career as a dare devil in the circus, though he eventually got a more Evel Knievel look. Splork the space alien we wanted to be rather random and funny, and thought, “hey why not an intergalactic bowling champion!” And finally, Claud, the mellow crustacean, we were thinking a pentathlon athlete or Olympian, but ended up making him a Daikaiju (giant monster, ala Godzilla).”
PopCap Games Peggle ceramic sake set – “For this ceramic sake set, Erin Middendorf, PopCap artist, initially imagined the Peggle characters having a sake-drinking party, but then realized that could be too out of character for the game, so only Bjorn is shown holding a bottle of sake! He’s more or less the mascot of Peggle, so it seemed appropriate to have him on the serving bottle. She chose some of her favorite characters for the glasses – Kat Tut, Jimmy Lightning, Splork, and Claude. Red seemed like an appropriately fun color for such a light-hearted game.”
Peggle Bjorn painting on wood – “Bjorn the Unicorn, leader of the Peggle Institute, as lovingly rendered with acrylic on 15″ x 9″ wood by PopCap artist, Monte Michaelis. Peggle is hands-down Monte’s favorite PopCap game! The game itself is entertaining, and the world the characters occupy is lush, colorful, and charming. But Peggle is very modern in tone, and he thought it would be fun to go the other direction and create a kind of folk-art interpretation of Bjorn. He wanted to capture the feeling of ‘EXTREME FEVER’ in a more old-fashioned aesthetic.”
Zuma Blitz Happy Mojo Tiki on wood – “Getting mojo in Zuma Blitz is a happy event, and in keeping with the tiki theme of the game PopCap artist Erin Middendorf invented a Mojo tiki to be the mascot of this feature. This 16″ x 14″ digital reproduction on wood sketch is a concept for Dr. Mojo. He is a witchdoctor character, cooking up mojo for players to use. Erin thought that he’d be a pretty jovial looking character, from being under the influence of Mojo all the time, and probably a bit kooky too”
Zuma Tiki Tiger concept print on wood – “The original intent for this 19″ x 27″ digital reproduction on wood, created by a team of PopCap staff artists, was to create some unique bosses for Zuma’s Revenge. The idea of bosses was something new for Zuma, and they wanted to create something that was original and in keeping with the tiki theme of Zuma’s Revenge. The team came up with the idea that the bosses would actually be tiki style carved statues come to life. They are very mask-like in their appearance, as though originally created by some sort of indigenous people, but we also felt they needed to have a comical side to them… they didn’t want them to be scary or creepy, just menacing enough to be clear they are a threat to the player.”

This is a life time opportunity. Once these items sell they will be gone forever. Bid for a great cause! If you want to find out more information or how you can donate directly to the Charities below are the official sites:

Starlight Children’s Foundation

Good luck!

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PopCap Games Charity Art Auctions

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