G2 Esports Pengu Furious with New Season

G2 Esports Pengu Furious with New Season Rainbow Six Siege Esports R6 Pro League

The new Rainbow Six Siege esports season is out, and Pengu from G2 Esports is furious. Find out why he’s so mad.

G2 Esports Pengu Furious with New Season

Pengu is furious about the current state of the game. On the 4th of December Rainbow Six Siege started a new season. Most players were eagerly waiting for different reasons. But probably the most expected one was the Ranked game Lock that is coming without 2-step verification. The TTS (test server) lasted for a full two weeks. Data gathered from the players on bugs and again nothing got fixed. Most people are saying that the TTS should be for a month. That way most of the data can be fixed by Ubisoft. However, with Pro league starting every 3 months Ubi wants to make them synced with the Pro League finals.

In the upcoming news, Rainbow Six Siege Esports players started to voice their concerns about the new season. But maybe the most vocal one was G2 Esports player Pengu. Pengu is always open about his opinions as he’s one the the communities favorite players. For example when operator Lion (Operation Chimera) was first released G2 Esports Pengu was the biggest opposition against Lion’s ability. Now seven months later Lion has been banned from Esports. But he still is in the game. Players can abuse his ability so much that its pick rate is still above average even after nerfs.

New Season, New Expectations but Same Disappointments

Pengu Furious with New Season Rainbow Six Siege Esports R6 Pro League Professional Gaming

Most of the players were expecting at least Pick and Ban System to come to the Ranked matches. But again we are out of luck against Ubisoft. After 3 years the Ranked is still in Beta mode. Peekers advantage is still in the game. Bugs and glitches take a long time to fix. Constant disconnections from the game continue. Console version well, do not get me started on the console; those poor souls get updates at a lesser rate so bugs and glitches stay in their game for a long time. Even though the numbers show that highest player count is on consoles. Here we are another season begun and another disaster.

But we do have a voice as a community in some matters at least. In the last season, the big thing was the news about aesthetic changes coming to the game because Ubisoft wanted to enter the Chinese Market. After a community backlash, Ubi had to back down. But these small victories are generally short-lived also. Because we are getting updates nearly every 3 months and some stuff not being fixed continues. I do believe for a fact the game concept is amazing however the practice of it is abysmal at best. The problems continue on and on.

Pengu and The New Season

Pengu is one of the few Esports players and streamers that is truly loved by the community for his open ideas and his voice in the community. After the season started, Pengu tweeted first about the 2-step verification not working on his account. Which he claimed that he was ok with this. Imagine an Esports player of the particular game even does not even expect too much from Ubisoft.


A couple of hours later Pengu started to talk about the  Rainbow Six Siege’s state and the improvements that are needed to be done. He tweeted and wrote that the problem about massive peekers advantage is still on. He claimed that this season TTS was another unsuccessful attempt to fix the game.

But being a new season and he is a big part of the game, he continued to play. However, everyone started to realize that every glitch and bug on TTS was present in the Live build of the game. Well, to be honest, it happened so many times before. People started not to care about Ubisoft fixing it or not. That is when most people started dropping the game. G2 Esports Pengu continued by tweeting that he lasted for only three Ranked games and continued doing scrims with his Esports team.

In his last tweet, G2 Esports Pengu joked by saying that he will buy a big mansion and put 100 people in it to play Rainbow Six Siege on LAN five versus five with one ping only and no bullshit.


Imagine that the community on Reddit for Rainbow Six Siege is being happy about Ubisoft fixing to drive drones under the tables. That is what is happening on Reddit right now. People are so fed up with Ubisoft’s shortcomings they are just being happy with little stuff that they receive in a game that they both love and hate.

In the meantime, there are other issues with earned player renown not appearing on their accounts and problems with alpha packs again. Ubisoft asked for the players that are affected account names, their region, and their platform.

Boy oh boy, another amazing season awaits us. May Tachanka be with you.

Stay tuned for the upcoming news.

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