Rainbow Six Siege New Operators: Nokk and Warden

Rainbow Six Siege New Operators Nokk and Warden [Review]
Source: Ubisoft
Today we will take a look at the new Rainbow Six Siege Operators Nokk and Warden; take a look at what they do and how they will function in-game.

Rainbow Six Siege New Operators: Nokk and Warden [Review]

Rainbow Six Siege started four and a half years ago. The game itself has a steep learning curve, however, the rewards make it worth it. There are plenty of shooter games out there, but Rainbow Six Siege accumulated a very large and loyal fanbase. There are several reasons behind this. The game is not expensive anymore and the DLC’s are offered for free every three months. Of course, there are microtransactions here and there, but this is the best we can hope for in today’s age. The game brings teamwork and quick decision-making together, making the game addictive to strategists.

Players need to communicate in order to succeed in this game. This is a great plus, however, it can also be a con as players do drop in-game due to the lack of teammates who communicate. The toxicity level is not different from any game. There are toxic players but this does not represent the community. The game, as we have said before, has a very solid community.

So Year four began with two Australian operators, Mozzie and Gridlock. We also got a new map called Outback. Ubisoft announced that there are no more new maps in this year’s roadmap. This year we are getting three new reworks of maps. In Rainbow Six Siege, there are several maps that players do not enjoy. Therefore, we have seen these maps removed from the Ranked map pool. Casual and Ranked Map pools are different. The reason is simple; some of the maps are extremely pro attacker or defender. So we are getting three maps reworked:

  • Kanal
  • Theme Park
  • Kafe Dostoyevsky

This season which is Year four Season 2 rework is Kafe Dostoyevsky. There are a couple of reasons for this rework. The map is in the ranked map pool. However, it did not reflect the best of Ubisoft’s work. Therefore there are significant changes made. There is a discovery match mode for players to learn about the map. Several bomb sites have been changed and levels are very different now. You can check the changes from here.

There are 2 new operators coming up with the Rainbow Six Siege Year four Season 2. The new operators are Nokk and Warden. Let’s take a closer look at these two.


Rainbow Six Siege’s new attacker operator is Nokk. She is a Danish operator. Interestingly, information on her is unknown. She has three speed and one armor operator. This means she is easy to kill but hard to catch. Her ability is quite interesting and powerful. Nokk has the ability to be unseen by the cameras. When her gadget is on she is simply invisible. On top of this, her ability allows her to have a silent step like Caveira. She is a combination of Vigil and Caveira.

Nokk Jaeger Corps Attacker Rainbow Six Operator
Source: Ubisoft

Her guns are also familiar to Rainbow Six Siege fans. She is using the same auto SMG called FMG9 with Smoke; also the same shotgun Lesion and Ying have which is SIX12 suppressed. She has 2 sidearms as a choice D50 (Deagle) or 5.7 USG.

Her ability is extremely terrifying for higher level players. Players who watch cams cannot see anything about her whereabouts. This makes her ideal for rush and cleaning out roamers.


Rainbow Six Siege new defender operator is Warden. He is an American operator. He is one speed and three armor operator. Unfortunately, he is the only operator which has three armor and no ACOG. Warden’s ability is simple. He has these neat glasses which, when activated, can see through smoke and flashes. However, he needs to stand still otherwise the visibility reduces greatly. He is not a roamer for sure. He is very valuable against Blitz, Ying and especially for smoking and planting.

Warden Secret Service Attacker Rainbow Six Operator
Source: Ubisoft

Warden’s guns are also familiar. He is using the M590A1 shotgun, and as an auto weapon, the MPX which is the same as Valkyrie. He has 2 options for sidearms:

  • P-10C
  • SMG12

Warden’s best used as a support. He is ideal under the circumstances of Bomb. However, his gadget feels sometimes too situational. If your enemy does not use smokes or flashes Warden is not very practical. His guns are also a little bit on the weak side.

Therefore, be careful when you use him as we have said, he does not have an Acog. If you try to encounter Glaz with him you will most certainly die. But he does look a lot like Tom Selleck and maybe the coolest operator we have right now.

There we have it, the new Rainbow Six Siege Operators. We hope you enjoy this season as much as we will.

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