Rainbow Six Siege Reverse Friendly Fire is Coming

Rainbow Six Siege Reverse Friendly Effect Dev Update Esports

Rainbow Six Siege is implementing a new way to deal with toxic friendly fire, and the DevBlog provided an update about the new feature.

Rainbow Six Siege Reverse Friendly Fire is Coming

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most intense and tactical games on the market. Players generally have a love and hate relationship with the game. Apart from being a highly successful game, RB6 allows for manipulation in the game, for example, friendly fire. Rainbow Six Siege has an unforgiving environment towards mistakes. You can take out your teammates with a single headshot. This mechanic is coming from the core game itself.

As mentioned, this system is open for manipulation and abuse. Some players like to ruin the game for other players and start shooting their teammates. This triggers an onslaught of in-team fighting where players look to eliminate each other every round. Therefore, Rainbow Six Siege Dev’s are trying to solve this problem and minimize it. The changes are called Reserve Friendly Fire Effect. This effect is going to prevent your teammates from abusing the game mechanics intentionally, and unintentionally.

How Does Reverse Friendly Fire Works?

The way Reverse Friendly Fire works is quite simple. Players who shoot their teammates will get damaged as well. However, after the total accumulated damage, the offending player will start taking damage. But you will be able to forgive or punish players. There are few exceptions to this system.

  • Direct hits from thrown unique gadgets
  • Exothermic-S Torch (Maverick)
  • SK 4-12 (Buck)
  • Mounted LMG (Tachanka; regardless of who’s using the turret)
  • M120 CREM (Ash) when the breaching round directly hits someone
  • KS79 Lifeline (Zofia)
  • Airjab Launcher (Nomad)
  • Pest Launcher (Mozzie)

These gadgets will count towards the damage, however, after only certain damage it will activate Reverse Friendly Fire. Explosives currently do not take place in the RFF System but they will be added after Season 2.

  • Generic gadgets (frag grenade, C4, breach charge) that results in an explosion*
  • Gas Grenade (Smoke)
  • TAC MKO asphyxiating bolts (Capitão)
  • M120 CREM (Ash) when the breaching round explodes
  • Cluster Charge (Fuze)
After RFF activation:

Explosive gadgets that do not do damage (i.e. stun grenades, Ying’s Candela) will not be affected by RFF in any way.

  • Can cause damage to teammates
  • Does not reverse damage dealt*

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