Rare Metal Gear Solid Collectibles

I don’t think I’ve ever made a post solely on Metal Gear Solid. Thanks to **Joseph for another great submission that would have went unnoticed, I decided to try and find a couple of other MGS collectibles on eBay. Sorry guys, but no Metal Gear Solid Wine Bottle on eBay yet, thought I’d let you know off the bat :). While doing the search, I forgot how expensive Metal Gear Solid collectibles can be, and currently on eBay there isn’t anything that’s eye popping or worth mentioning except for a couple of items. I find that some collectibles are priced so high that you get disinterested to even click on the auction. For example some of the Metal Gear Solid premium packs on auction are very expensive. With a little bit of patience you can find them for half the price(YJA).

But today UK ebay seller juanmanuelromero is letting go some of his MGS collectibles.*Note* There’s 11 hours left for these auctions. All of them have no reserve and started at 0.99 GBP. One of the auctions is for the Metal Gear Solid Premium packs: 1, 2 and 3. This is your chance to acquire all three for an amazing price(considering the price stays low). Not only that, the condition of these premium packs are in excellent condition; typically other similar auctions have dents in the boxes. Everything looks intact and so far is up for grabs.

The second auction is for the Metal Gear Solid 2 Ration Can pre-order gift. I’m not entirely sure the exclusivity of this pre-order; I am assuming it was given in Japan(seen it plenty of times on Yahoo), and in Europe but don’t quote me :p . With that said, please keep in mind that this Ration can is incomplete. It’s missing the stub that wrapped around the can(on the stub it said Metal Gear Solid 2), and it’s missing the chocolates inside. The auction is still at a great price considering the fact that the seller is shipping this for free! I’ve seen a complete one sell for $200 on eBay before. Don’t be fooled by the pic, the Ration can is quite small(around 3-3.5 inches in diameter).

Last cool auction he has up is the rare Yamato MGS 12 Inch figures produced during the PS1 game release. Seller says that these figures were only released in Japan. Makes sense, but I’m still trying to figure out why some retail stores in the states were carrying these in inventory during the time. The figures must have been imported somehow & in very small numbers. Anyways, there’s another full set on eBay but it’s for $399. There is 5 days left for this auction.

Other Rare MGS Auctions:

Metal Gear Solid 4 Ration Sound Keychain Series 1 & 2 – This is one item I’d like to own. Pricey auction, but I can say these are hard to find complete. I’m not sure if these are even available in YJA anymore but seller says: “A total of six keychains were released by Konami Digital Entertainment which are sold in Japan through gashapon dispensers in random fashion. These are sold out and discontinued. To get the complete set here is very hard where only half sets or one of the series are being sold. These keychains have been imported from Japan in which the dialogue’s will be in Japanese. Some of the keychains have straight forward dialogue such as “Fox Diieee” or “Snaaaakkkeee”. A couple of the keychains also have more than one sound, for example, Liquid Ocelot has two sounds.”

Game Champion Memory Card for Metal Gear Solid – Really cool collectors item for MGS. “Contains more than 20 fantastic game save cheats including alternative ending game. Champion gives you the power to bust MGS wide open with all guns, access completed levels, hidden items and much much more”.

Metal Gear Solid Post Card Set Reservation Promo – I know that there is a gold set like this which is rarer than the silver set. Haven’t seen them personally but they are shown on various MGS fan sites.

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Rare Metal Gear Solid Collectibles

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