Rare Video Games and Great Lots

It’s early morning and I’m enjoying my coffee while making a post about a passion that we all love. How great is that? I’m glad that I can bring the VGA readers the coolest auctions, and the latest deals on eBay so you can further build your collection. Today I have some great lots with great titles in them to help jump start your game collection. That’s how I jump started my ps1 collecting, by buying a few lots and when I look back it was extremely worth it instead of buying them individually. So my advice? Look for lots containing several titles you’re looking for and try and win it, you’ll save time and money.

First lot is a massive Japanese Import of Video Games and Consoles. This is so cool I can’t even begin to explain why you should get this. There were hundreds of games never released in NTSC but only exclusive to Japan, or they didn’t have a project involved to converting the game. So many titles come to mind. Sure you don’t understand Japanese but you don’t have to, several games are shooters or action packed with little dialogue, that’s the cool thing. This auction contains several consoles with games. There’s too many to start naming so check it out yourself. The auction is dirt cheap, but there is 9 days left.

Other Video Game Auctions:

– Lot of 141 Xbox 360, Wii, Ps3 Games – At $1200, curious as to what this will go for.

21 Rare SNES Titles Complete– High quality lot, complete in nice condition according to the seller.

New Games Nintendo, N64, Playstation – Again some nice titles. I loved Corpse Killer!

Dragon Warrior Ultimate Collection

Big NES Lot – The first picture is leaving me wondering whether the white thing on the top of the NES Games is an AB Roller which would suggest change, getting back into shape, finally giving up his/her desirable Nintendo Collection OR it’s a baby seat which suggest new life hence change in priorities 🙂

The Flintstones Surprise at Dino Peak – I loved the first Flintstones title on the NES, one of my favorite games because it had so much into it, full of action, full of adventure.

Panzer Dragon Saga – A title that demands a high price. It’s slowly lowering but still high. I’ve never played this but wouldn’t mind checking it out.

Black Ops Prestige Edition Xbox 360– For something that was fetching $500 at one point, to buy it now at $120 is a JOKE. Comes fully equiped, remote control car with hidden camera, down-loadable maps for Nazi etc.. Great deal.

Double Dragon II PC Engine NEW

Bonk’s Adventure – Rare title, never played it. I played Bonk on the Turbo Grafix, that was fun.

Stadium Mud Buggies– Rare intellivision title has a reserve.

Little Samson – After all these years and this title is still a hit. Great game though if you never played it.

Hoshigami Sealed – Rare ps1 title. It’s an RPG and this is starting very low.

Burning Rangers – Rare title, great game and it’s sealed. Definitely a game to play in your life time.

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Rare Video Games and Great Lots

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