Nintendo Employee Paperweight,RE Prototype Statue,NES M14 New

The past couple of days have been filled with really cool video game auctions and today’s post can be added to the list. Before I get to that, I just wanted to point out that I’ve had extra time to update the VGA Hall of Fame so check out the new additions if you haven’t already!

First auction I want to mention is about a company that doesn’t exist anymore by the name of Moby Dick. Kind of an odd name but nevertheless the company produced a wide selection of quality Resident Evil action figures and statues. I’m not sure if they utilized their product depth, but all websites giving information about the company was in Japanese so I can’t give more info on the subject. Their website doesn’t exist anymore but here are some of the toys the company produced. The company originated in Japan and never globalized which means that their action figures & statues were very hard to find abroad. With that said, thanks to deputy services and international Japanese sellers the hunt for these collectibles became a lot easier for Resident Evil collectors. The last time someone was selling a complete set of the Moby Dick action figures the price was at $700, which in my opinion was a great price. Those figures made it to number 7 on Vga’s Top 10 List for RE.

So after giving a small brief history lesson on the Moby Dick Toy Company, there’s a nice Resident Evil Prototype Statue of Drain Deimos. He’s probably one of the hardest, and scariest monsters in Resident Evil upon first encounter. I was freaked out when I first saw this monster on screen! You can’t really see how the monster looks like in the auction, but here’s a picture of Drain Deimos. The auction is currently at $492 US with a best-offer. The seller says that he obtained this rare piece from a Moby Dick Employee. There’s no other information that is conclusive so that’s too bad. I would like to know more about the origin of this statue and why it never reached the public. There are currently no offers on this piece.

Click here for Drain Deimos Prototype Moby Dick Statue

Other Video Game Auctions:

Nintendo employee Mario nameplate Super Nintendo – “This auction is for the Nintendo employee paperweight as seen in the pictures. The paperweight features the name of former Nintendo salesman who worked at Nintendo. This paperweight features a likeness of Mario often used in the SNES era starting with the release of Super Mario World.”
Nintendo NES M14 original system store display New – “This auction is for the M14 display in the original box as seen in the pictures. The unit is new and unused but there some things that must be noted which were cause by improper shipping by the former Nintendo employee who shipped this to me. The original box was used as the shipping box which caused some crushing as seen in the pictures. The old shipping label is applied directly to the box. Also there are dings in the header as seen in the picture caused from the power supply during shipping.”
Mario Kart 64 Candy Store Display, Never Filled – Here’s a strange auction. I mean the item itself isn’t weird, but what’s done to it is the weird part. The Donkey Kong and Mario figures have never been filled with the “sour juice”. They are all empty. But it makes buying this more convenient as you don’t need to worry about breaks/spills from the figures. The auctions starting at a great price with no bidders yet. Check it out!
Xbox Debug Console
Limited Edition Moutain Dew Xbox Console
Tatsunoko vs Capcom Towel Signed by Niitsuma – “I personally received this towel at the Tatsunoko vs Capcom booth at San Diego Comic Con 2009 and waited in line to have it signed by the game’s producer / director Ryota Niitsuma! Niitsuma-san signed it with the inscription “CAPCOM” as well as his name in English and Japanese! It will make an awesome addition to any fan’s collection!”. For those who don’t know, Niitsuma is a Japanese game developer that works for Capcom.
Gears of War Developer’s T-shirt – “Rare Gears of War 2 Developer T-shirt.Go ahead and look for this shirt online. You won’t find it anywhere else.This shirt was only handed out to the Developer team that worked on Gears of War 2. I got a couple extras and I want to sell this Large.It is a red t-shirt with an epic black and gray print of two lancers inside the cogskull on the front, and in black on the back it says”DOW2 Dev.Squad Epic Games 08”.
Set of 6 Konami Hand Held Games – This is a great lot of vintage game classics Konami made for the Nintendo. There’s games like Skate or Die, Blades of Steel and Contra! Haven’t seen these before…
Shenmue Japan Shenhua Promo Figure
Doom 3 Standee – it’s been a while since I’ve seen one of these for sale.
PlayStation 2 Display Kiosk

Good luck!

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Nintendo Employee Paperweight,RE Prototype Statue,NES M14 New

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