Resident Evil 2 Giant Eyeball, RE 3.5 Beta, Vulture Attack

Seller dot50cal is selling some Resident Evil goodies! He has a bunch of promos that were only available in Japan which means that there’s probably some unseen footage that we’ve never seen before. Most notably, he has a Biohazard 3.5 Beta Resident Evil Promo DVD. Now for those who missed my article on Biohazard 1.5, basically Resident Evil 4 had it’s 3.5 unfinished version, except that what the seller has is the promo so you can’t play it. Although I’m not sure if it’s going to have bit’s a pieces from the 3.5 version we see on youtube, it’s still interesting nonetheless. The seller says: “This is a DVD which was included in a Famitsu issue. I don’t know specifically which one though. Its pretty infamous in the Resident Evil community as its the only DVD quality source of the original Biohazard 4 (3.5) trailer which shows Leon S Kennedy becoming possessed by a tentacle BOW.” This is a great opportunity to pick up some rare promo discs. Check out all of his listings.

Another auction that caught my eye was this Resident Evil 2 Giant Eyeball Promo. Now I’ve never seen this before, and typically I would look for the Capcom trademark on the eyeball, but instead there’s paper tag to authenticate it. With that said, the eyeball does resemble William Birkin’s giant eye and it would make complete sense to release a promo item of this kind. Seller says: “Resident Evil 2 bloody giant eyeball- from Resident Evil 2 PlayStation launch, for press only. This eyeball comes as shown secured in a black netting secured to the paper tag. you can squish it and make the blood ooze…you know you want it! This is the best conversation piece I’ve ever seen.” This is probably one of the coolest promos for Resident Evil.

Other Video Game Auctions:

Atari 2600 Vulture Attack – Here is another auction from themother-in-law , who’s bringing some great Atari 2600 titles to the table. This particular game is quite rare, and most people give is a rarity of 9/10! The common problem with this game is that the company, K-Tel wouldn’t put enough coating on the cart’s sticker, so you normally see a lot of “lifting” or damage to it. But this auction had a very good conditioned Vulture Attack which is why the price has jumped to $150 in one day. Like always, themother-in-law has a manual with the game which is why his auctions are very popular. It’s rare to see this game pop up on eBay, and when you do it doesn’t come with a manual.

Nintendo 64 Sports Promo Mini Basketball – “This was a special promo item for the Nintendo First Party line of Sports titles on the N64.”
1988 / 1989 Nintendo Super Mario Bros Puzzle! COMPLETE – “Up for sale is a VINTAGE 1988/1989 Super Mario Bros Puzzle by Milton Bradley!! This puzzle is complete, however, some of the pieces do have quite a bit of wear from use. However, it is complete, and a VERY RARE merchandise piece of the NES era.” Thanks **Brittany!
Duke Nukem Forever 2001 Promo DVD – NEW – SEALED – Sellers got another one of these great DVD promos from 2001! Thanks **Duke!
Jak & Daxter PS2 Press Kit – Seller brought down the price significantly and there’s even free shipping on the lot. Thanks **Create!

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  1. That Eyeball is so amazing O.O. I wonder how “Giant” it is exactly? Looks like it could be soccer ball sized, but there is not that much to go from. Definately one of the most unique collectibles I have ever seen! Even if it doesn’t go for that much, you may have to update your Resident Evil top 10 collectibles and give this one an honourable mention :).

Resident Evil 2 Giant Eyeball, RE 3.5 Beta, Vulture Attack

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