Resident Evil After Life Axe Man Screen Used Costume

The Resident Evil movies are not on the top of my list, but after watching Resident Evil After Life I thought they couldn’t have done a better job. All the way from the beginning scene of the girl standing in the middle of the streets in Tokyo up to the final boss fight was really amazing, especially in 3D!

One of the interesting things to come out of the movie was “Axe Man”, otherwise known as the Executioner in RE5. I think that the movie got him dead on! See for yourself below:

Executioner from Resident Evil 5 Game
Resident Evil 5 Executioner

Axe Man from Resident Evil After Life MovieResident Evil After Life Axe Man

Anyways, reason I bring this up is because someone’s selling the actual Resident Evil After Life Axe Man Screen Used Costume right now. It’s the real deal and there’s some serious bidding for this. The costume is actually quite small than I thought it would be. I guess the movie tricked me into thinking there was actually an 8 foot beast of a man out there haha.

The seller took screen shots of his original purchase from Premiere Props website. With this auction you get:

1. tattered pants

2. distressed apron with velcro attachments

3. boots with newspaper still stuck to the bottoms from the scene where the axeman is dragging his hammer through the streets

4. distressed gloves

5. sack hood (with production label sewn on the inside)

6. Complete upper muscle suit (there was no lower muscle suit, only the upper) with nails and bullet holes throughout

7. 2 stunt nails that criss-cross in the back (these are the only ones)

8. And 2 out of the 3 hooks that hang in the back. One metal and one rubber.

It seems like the costume was split up into two lots on Premiere Props which is a little weird but they are known to do this to maximize profits. The seller says: “The costume is simply amazing. If you go to and look up the price on this costume, you will see that it cost me over $7,000 with buyer’s premium. This auction is starting at only 99 cents with NO RESERVE!! The bidders will decide the final price!! Please email with any questions. The original Premiere Props COA is included”.

Now I don’t know if the seller actually has a Horror Museum somewhere, but it’s such a waste to buy this from over 7k and then resell it so soon only to lose almost half of what you paid for. But then again there is 3 days left so we’ll see the outcome.


BIOHAZARD resident evil MOBY DICK FULL SET 16 FIGURES – Last week I wrote a post about the company Moby Dick Toys and how they made rare/quality Resident Evil figures. Well, ironically after I said that a complete RE Moby Dick set hasn’t appeared on eBay in years finally surfaces , and at a HUGE PRICE. The seller is asking $2,946.96 or best-offer.

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  1. did you take a look at that biohazard seller’s other items???

    They’re amazing! It made me drool!!!

  2. He does have some pretty interesting items. I’ve seen most of them before except for the Biohazard 5th Anniversary mini displays. Problem is that I couldn’t afford them even with a best offer 🙁

Resident Evil After Life Axe Man Screen Used Costume

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