Official Resident Evil Biohazard Wine Bottle

Good morning! I thought I’d start the day with a blast showing this Resident Evil Wine Bottle that was just put up on eBay. Now anyone who knows me will know that I love Resident Evil, and that I go crazy over any rare Resident Evil item. Well…

Resident Evil Biohazard WineResident Evil Biohazard Wine

Resident Evil Biohazard WineThere has only ever been speculation in the World of Resident Evil about this Biohazard Wine. Now for those who don’t know, this wine was refereed too as the “Umbrella” wine. Not sure why collectors would call it this since it clearly has the “Biohazard” Japanese logo on it.

On the Resident Evil Merchandise site, there was only one description of this wine. “I don’t know much about this, but I think it is supposed to a special wine produced by Umbrella, Inc. “. Was it produced by Umbrella Inc.?? I don’t know, but I also took the picture from that site and used it as the “thumb pic” since this was the only available photo of this wine ANYWHERE on the net. Now because this auction was put up last night, the whole community can now see more up-close pictures! So the new thing that I found out is that this is a “3rd Anniversary” Wine bottle for the game. How Neat!

This item is truly “one-of-a-kind” and if it does well, I’ll definitely add this auction to my Top 10 Resident Evil Collectibles list!

The price is reasonable as video game wines normally sell for this much, especially the Metal Gear Solid wine that has Grey Fox on it. Anyways, this is what the seller says:

“Up for auction, one of the rarest Resident Evil items I have ever seen: a Sealed Resident Evil – Biohazard Wine Bottle Promo (Carl Jung Merlot).This wine bottle was obtained by a man interning in Japan over 10 years ago. It has the Biohazard and Capcom logos on both the sealed bottle and the nice sturdy box in comes with, on a custom golden label which states:A present to you, who found a way out from the horror. But this is not the end. Capcom, Biohazard 3rd Anniversary, since 1996.I’m not sure if this was given as a rare contest item, or given to stock holders much like the Konami Metal Gear Wine Bottle. But again, I have never seen another in my years of RE collecting, and to put it in perspective, I have since owned 3 sealed copies of the original US Longbox release of part 1. This item is one of a kind.”

If you’re interested in this auction, click here for Official Resident Evil Biohazard Wine

Rare Xenogears Elly Figure Squaresoft

I’ve seen this Elly statue around before but it rarely shows up on eBay. I believe there is a seller that is selling this for a ridiculous amount but you have it here for only $50! This is another game that didn’t have much merchandise associated with it so finding something like this is an Xenogears fans dream come true!

The seller says:”This is the only figure of Elly that was ever produced and was only available through buying the limited edition collection set, which is long of out print and very hard to find. Don’t miss this chance to own this figure that no Xenogears fan can go without.”

If you are interested in this auction click here for Rare Xenogears Elly Figure squaresoft

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Official Resident Evil Biohazard Wine Bottle

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