RODLAND Nes Pal, Final Fantasy Collectibles, Sony PSP Coca Cola and More!

Good morning VGA readers. I have a ton of cool auctions for you today from controllers to signed posters and more. This might be a good time to find some bargains as Christmas is coming up so people usually start to sell items to make some extra cash for Christmas so if you see a good deal that’s probably one of the reasons you’ll get it.

First auction is for a Final Fantasy Collectible Lot. It includes some great Final Fantasy stuff like the Final Fantasy VII 1997 Mini Counter Display which looks to be mint(it’s also framed). Also you have the rare limited Gold Character Cards. The cardass gold cards are limited to 500 world wide and there is a total of 4 cards. They were a campaign prize in 1997 and was only obtainable through a draw which if you were lucky you were mailed a card with a letter. A complete set is extremely hard to find and goes for about $1000 without the official envelope or letter. This set comes with the official envelope and letter, all in mint condition. You have more goodies and the price is VERY reasonable if you ask me, it’s almost an amazing deal, but it is high for most.

Other Video Game Auctions:

Sony PSP Coca Cola Limited Edition not for sale – Only 1300 copies were made, which was given away in a Coke Style special event in March 2005. This is very rare and if you want more information check out the auction.

Atari 2600 Pitfall Game Cartridge– It’s autographed by David Crane Game’s Designer. It was signed at the 2011 Portland Oregon retro Gaming Expo. The cartridge label does have wear, white scuff on back of cartridge. The autograph is clear, done in black permanent marker.

Fatal Fury 2, 3, Special Japan Merchandise – Not often you’ll see Fatal Fury merchandise. It includes a Notebook, Cardboard, and huge plastic string bag.

Koffi: Yellow Kopter (Atari 5200) Signed & Numbered copy – This is Kofi: Yellow Kopter for the Atari 5200. First Edition, Hand signed and hand numbered by the author, Ron Lloyd. Both the box and cartridge are signed and numbered. Includes box and manual and cartridge – everything that came with it. This is #79.

Call of Duty MW 3 Poster Signed – It’s a big poster hand signed by the dev team. This really interests me because it’s Infinity Ward who signed it, the original creators. It also comes with a bag and patches.

HUGE consoles, games, accessories LOT – A very rare chance in a single auction to own all these goodies. The amount of goods in this auction far surpass the price so it’s an amazgin deal in my opinion.

Turbografx Express with AC power and Car Adapter – All boxed and complete. I really wanted one of these when I was younger because the technology was amazing. Auction is currently at $450 with one bid.

RODLAND – PAL-A Nintendo NES Game – It was exclusive To Italy so you can imagine how rare this is. You can view the gameplay here. It’s pretty cool if you ask me, not complicated but fun to play.

Chrono Trigger Sealed SNES – A sealed copy, but looks to be in average shape. Auction is at $305 but I would ask to see more pictures.

Halo Reach Standee Clock – This is really cool, I didn’t see this any any game store near me and I visit quite a lot of them.

Donkey Kong Jr. Math – The box has some wear but it’s complete with inserts and manual. One of the rarer games for the NES it’s on auction for $250 with one bid.

Gears Of War 3 Locust Edition – The Locust bust was selling for $900 at one point and it’s well worth $450 alone but in this lot you have a ton of extras that is worth looking into.

MSX game METAL GEAR Konami 1987 Japan – A rare version of the Metal Gear game that was released for the NES.

Huge PC Game Lot – Wow a lot of great games in here, what a way to bring me back to 1995 with titles such as Space Quest, Leisure Suit Larry and Monkey Island. Although I’m suprised the seller doesn’t have any King’s Quest titles…If you really want to go back to 90s Pc era click here.

The Flintstones: Surprise at Dino Peak – This game along with Rescue Rangers 2 and Duck Tales 2 are on my top list of NES titles to get in the next year, and I promise myself I will.

Hagane – Limited to blockbuster stores worldwide this game has game appeal because it’s a side scroller full of action. For $140 it’s not a bad price although you can find cheaper from time to time. We all know how much a sealed game goes for!

Nintendo 64 GEOFFREY Controller TOYS”R”US – This was obviously only available at Toys “R” Us in Japan. Doesn’t get rarer than this for N64 controllers.

Ace Attorney Gyakuten Saiban Figure Complete Collection Set – For those who played the game it’s a nice figure collection of the characters.

Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers 2 – Ah at last a good price for this game, $85 but I’m sure it’s just for the cart. Still a good price if you ask me.

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RODLAND Nes Pal, Final Fantasy Collectibles, Sony PSP Coca Cola and More!

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